Friday, February 04, 2011

Day 6 - Surprise

Brett has a friend who had a birthday the other day. He wanted to give him a fun gift so he decorated a big box and filled it with tissue paper. Inside the gift, he put a couple of dollar store presents as decoy gifts. His friend, RJ, really wanted a Tornado necklace, just like Brett has. Brett taped the necklace on the bottom of the box underneath some paper. RJ was really surprised, although he liked the dollar gifts too (If I got silly string as a 12 year old I would be happy!)

Brett was more excited for RJ to open his present, he even wanted us to videotape it.
Please excuse the pics because I misplaced/can't find/lost my camera, so for right now I have to use my phone. It doesn't take the best pictures but it will have to do until I find/buy a camera!

Brett and his Decorated Birthday Present

Brett and RJ with matching necklaces :)

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Cadi said...

I can totally see Brett doing that. Awesome!
YOU inspired me to start blogging again. Thank you, xoxoxoox.