Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 21 - Deadlines

Deadlines...everyone has them.  Sometimes, if they are really important they can be called "Drop Dead Dates," which really makes it seem worse.  When I look back and see how I got to this place, it always starts with the word, "Sure, I can do that."    My Grandma Crockett who lived until she was 104 told me one time that her secret to longevity was, reading, eating chocolate everyday and saying "No."  This however is easier for some people but apparently not for me. 

This week and next week I have a few Deadlines, with a few Drop Deads thrown in there.  I think I am pretty lucky that I don't live with deadlines every day, because my stomach and my house can't handle them.  I look at my poor floor and wonder when I will get to it.  It is calling me every day, but not until after a few deadlines have past, will I be able to breathe and mop.

Sleep also seems to be fitful when deadlines loom.  I wake up and start thinking of everything I need to do.  It is not like I can actually DO much about it at 2 in the morning.  But none the less, I still do.  My deadline that I am looking forward to is Spring Break.  Then, I will  have crossed off all the things that are on my mind right now and I can relax and do something fun.

In the meantime, I will try to stop reaching for the chocolate (well maybe only 1 a day per Grandma Crockett), make a plan and take it day by day until March 12th is here. 

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