Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Day 10 - Happy

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Today my nails made me happy. Funny how little things can affect our mood for the whole day. Last night I cruised the cosmetic section at CVS becuase I had $9.50 in extra bucks to spend. CVS had these 75% off stickers on discountinued cosmetic items and I got a few gems. I picked up a Sally Hansen Nail Laquer Pen, I couldn't pass it up. I used it this morning in my car on my way to school and painted one hand. What could be better than painting your nails in the car? No mess, easy and it made me happy. When I got to work, I quickly painted the other hand and stuck the Nail pen in my purse. Perfect.

On my way home I snapped this picture. As I looked at it on the computer I noticed my rings. My wedding ring makes me smile, not only because it is from a pawn shop, but it reminds me of an eager 22 year old guy who wanted to buy me a ring without any input from me. He also wanted to pay cash. I even remember the pawn shop "Owing" this 22 year old guy a favor. Strange story for another time. On my middle finger is a ring I received from my parents when I was 17 years old on my birthday. I remember asking for a gold ring, I didn't really have any thing in particular in mind, I knew I just wanted it simple. These rings have never left my fingers since the day I received them, and that makes me happy.
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Lisa said...

please tell me you weren't driving while taking that picture. haha

very cute nicole!

Anonymous said...

I love all your new posts!! Great nails!! Lynda