Friday, June 16, 2006

Lunch with the FIrst Lady

Lunch at the Hilton with the First Lady. Apparently, they let just about anybody in these days. I guess when you pay $500 a head, they don't think you are much of a threat. She was very lovely and gracious and I enjoyed the 4 hours of kid free time before we head off to Disneyland for 4 days.

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Josh's 2nd B-day

Happy Birthday Josh! Of course he got a car cake - unfortunately, I paid money for it. It was voted the ugliest cake by my brother. It truly looks like a"beehive" project. But, Josh was happy with it (I think). He loved blowing out the candles and in big brother style, Brett beat him too the candle blowing every time. (We had to restrain him a few times so Josh could get the satisfaction of blowing it out all by himself)

We did go swimming at Grandma's house for the birthday party. Josh started swimming lessons this summer, so he was ready to show off his swimming skills. After a week of swimming lessons, he could dive for the rings. I was shocked the first time the teacher shoved him down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve the rings. When Josh came up for air without any rings, she looked at me with a frown and said, "Aah, he didn't get a ring." I thought, What do you expect? He is just two and he is in shock he is being forced under the water by a stranger. But the second day of lessons, he got a ring. Every day since, it has been his favorite thing to do. I guess that is why we pay for swimming lessons, to let a stranger force them to hold their breathe under water.  Posted by Picasa

New Car Bed

Josh has a new Car bed. This could not be more perfect for the boy who sleeps with cars. His big cousin Nate finally grew out of this model and let Josh have it....Thank you Nate!

We were hoping this bed would do the trick, and Josh would want to sleep in his own bed rather than in between Mom and Dad. I mean - next to Dad and Mom sleeps where ever there is a little space left. I am telling you - sometimes I would wake up and not be able to stand up straight because I was sleeping in some weird position - all so my little boy would sleep through the night!

The first night he slept through the night! WOW! Then the next night and the next and the next he would wake up and yell for Mom to come lay down in his bed. He would say, "Mama, Down!" So this picture is of Josh and Mommy's new bed. When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I have been run over by a car...Or just slept on one. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kid Proof Washers

Yeah, Right!...When I bought these beautiful washing machines, I asked the oh- so- knowledgeable- salesman about kids getting into the front load machines. I had visions of kids opening up the washing machine while it was running. "No worries", he said..."once you set the controls, the door locks and the kids can't change the settings." Great! But, just in case, I opted for the pedestals so the controls are too high for my preceious little Rugrat. Well, he outsmarted me. First, he got a chair from his brothers room and pushed it into the laundry room so he could comfortably reach the controls and second, he pressed the Pause/Cancel button (which is the pretty pink button) and voila! One load that was almost through a wash cycle was foiled and had to be restarted from the beginning. At least I got there before he actually opened the door and sorted through the wet clothes.
Lesson Learned: Most things are Adult Proof, but a 2 year old can figure how to mess it up. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mike and Josh on a Nature walk..... Posted by Picasa

Weekend Away

We did get to go up to Pinetop this weekend to get out of the heat. The boys LOVE it up there! We walked around alot because Josh did not want to be inside. They both enjoyed just hanging out outside. Brett wanted to bring his treasures he collected inside to display. After I found more than a few bugs crawling on the kitchen counter, I made him keep his finds outside on the steps.

We stayed for five days and although I enjoyed the break from the house, the kids still followed me around like they usually do, even though Daddy was there the whole time. I wonder why they don't follow him around the cabin. They seem to migrate to me for everything they need or want. I tried to remind them that their Daddy is here too - and to go ask him for their drink!!

By day four, Mike got cabin fever and was eager to get home, I couldn't imagine why the heck he wanted to get back to a 110 degree weather but you do have to re-enter life after vacation. Posted by Picasa