Sunday, March 22, 2009


A couple of days ago the boys spent the night at their Grandma's house over Spring Break. Fun for them and fun for us! The next morning as I talked to Grandpa, he mentioned that Josh woke up a couple of times in the night complaining about an ear ache. So, since it was Friday, I hurried and made a Dr.'s appointment for them to be seen. Brett had been sick also that week so I thought I would get him checked out as well.

Mike picked up the boys and I told him I would meet him at the Pediatrician's office. Mike needed directions of course, since he hasn't been to the kid's doctor since the year 2000. As I walked in to the office, the boys were happily playing in the waiting room. The nurse called their names and they each stopped at the scale to compare growth rates. We were shown to our room to wait.

All was well, until the Doctor walked in. Let's say Josh is not a fan. Well, Brett opted to go first to show Josh how easy it is to open up and say "Ahhh." Piece of Cake! When it was Josh's turn, the doctor came at him with the tongue depressor and said, "Open Wide and say Ahhhh!" Josh crossed his arms, locked his jaw and gave the doctor a look that would kill. The doctor said, "Ok Josh, you can either open up your mouth on your own, or I am going to have to lay you down on the table and I will open it for you!"

Personally, I don't think the doctor gave him enough time to decide. You know, I at least give him a couple of chances before I deliver my threats (haha). Well as the doctor waited for him to make his decision, he decided to check his ears. As he came in close, Josh started to growl. It was a fair warning to this man that was about to invade his personal space. The doctor said, "Wow, is that your angry face??" That didn't help matters much.

Next thing I know, the doctor has him flat on the table and asking for my help. This is fun. I am trying to calm him down and before you know it the doctor came back with the diagnosis of double ear infection. As the doctor was dispensing his advice, Josh started yelling, "LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!" I put him on the floor and the doctor told me to ignore him. So I did. He's the expert. Then Josh started kicking the door, yelling, "LET ME OUT!" He also threw in a few, "Dummy, Stupid's" for the full effect. Just in case the doctor was filling out the "Mother of the Year" award application for me.

The doctor excused himself and told me he would come back in when we resolved the situation. I then realized Mike was in the room. I looked at him and his mouth was open. "Does this happen all the time?" he asked. I said, "It's worse at the Dentist! Let me know when your next day off is and we will schedule his next cleaning..."

Well, I got the prescriptions and apologized my way out of the doctors office. As I was paying at the front desk the nurse said, "The doctor would like to see you in 3 weeks for a follow up visit, would you like me to schedule that now?"

Ummm, Let me get back to you on that one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Josh got a Ripstick for Christmas because, well, his brother did and you know how that goes. After he saw Brett and all his friends ride their ripsticks around the neighborhood, he was DETERMINED to not be left behind. He has practiced and practiced until he can now ride with the Big Boys. Here is Josh wiggiling his way around the neighborhood.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

So I have someone in my family who doesn't like too much information about themselves on the internet. I get it..So for the sake of my relationship with her, I have posted a picture of her adorable little boy. I won't be trusted with a camera around him if I give TMI. Here is the picture of He Who Shall Not Be Named. Happy Birthday sometime this month :)


Since I am of the stronger sex..We of course can multi-task like no other. I can Make the kitchen, Clean the dinner, Help the laundry and Fold the kids blindfolded. So, when it comes to extra stuff that comes our way, we can tackle it like a pro. I have a confession to make. I am not the best Multi-tasker. In fact my brain locks up and can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time. I know, I know, I shouldn't admit it. But hey, no MAN is going to read my my secret is safe.

Blogging, for me, is a luxury that I get to partake in when my mind is free to concentrate on it 100%. If I am too distracted, under pressure, or stressed, I feel guilty taking the time to be creative and enjoy the process. I believe the Guilt is another trait of the STRONGER sex..but that is for another blog. So I need to catch up a little, because it is important to document the big and little things of life before they slip away.