Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 2 - Friends

Last night I accepted a "Friend Request" on Facebook from a childhood friend. We were friends through Jr. High and through High School. We even spent a semester of College together before we went our separate ways. Who knew the last day I hugged her goodbye as she decided to leave dorm life would be the last time I would see her. I only recently "found" her by emailing her Dad and asking for her email. I contacted her and was glad to hear she was doing well, living a life, not too different from mine, with two children and the last one was finally in school full time.

Throughout my adult years, I have thought about how she was doing, friends would ask if I had heard from her, it seemed like she went on with her life just fine without me. Today, as I contemplated our friendship and how much she shaped who I am today, I felt like I was mourning a lost friend. I also reflected why Childhood friends mean so much to us. Is it because in our youth we are shaping and forming who we are? I have great friends today that I consider near and dear, and each has left an impression on me for sure. But there is something about childhood friends. We share a bond that runs very deep. Part of our identities include these childhood friends. Today I am still close with alot of childhood friends, and for that I am grateful. I couldn't imagine my life without these special people. I don't have to speak to them everyday, but when we connect, it is like time never went by.

So today I am grateful for friendships, the ones that have stood the test of time and the ones I lean on today. Each friendship is special whether it be family friendships, childhood friendships, neighborhood friends, church friends, work friends and school friends. To all of my friends, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for being my friend.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Days

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I am going to stop thinking about it and just do it. I am going to blog for 30 days. Mostly, this is for my boys. I want them to get a glimpse of my daily life for a month. Who knows, it may not be interesting to them at all, and I may be humoring myself by thinking they are going to find this valuable later on in life.

I am not going to have any rules. Some days I may talk about what happened that day, maybe I may just jot down what I have been thinking about, maybe it may be inappropriate for 18 and under. Who knows. I think on the other side of 30 days, I might learn something. Just a feeling.

I'll start out by talking about Sacrament Meeting. My dear friend, Libbi, talked today in church. The day before, I had a conversation with her and she told me she was preparing to give a talk in church on Sunday. I wished her Good Luck and mentioned that I felt that I was going to be called on to give a talk soon because all my neighbors had given talks in the last few months. Just a feeling. Well, today during her talk. Libbi went ahead and shared that tidbit to the congregation. I about died. REALLY?!! I got plenty of ribbing from this, even the Bishop called me out on it in our combined RS/Priesthood meeting. He even asked me if I was inspired as to which Sunday I would like to talk.

Looking back, I am not sure if it was a feeling or a Self-fulfilled prophecy! I will be expecting a phone call soon. Wish me luck!! On the talk and the 30 days :)