Monday, May 10, 2010

My Dad

My Dad has his last Southwest Board of Directors meeting this month. He has served on the board for 15 years. It has been such a huge part of his life. This appointment came at a time when he wasn't sure where his career was going next. Soon after he was appointed on the board he was called as the Bishop of a Singles Ward. This was a very busy time for him, but he buckled down and went full steam ahead like always.

I think he fell in love with the CEO at the time Herb Kelleher. Herb was known for his fun, party like attitude that made Southwest what it is today. Herb loved to smoke cigars and drink whiskey. Whenever he was in Phoenix, my Dad was his chauffer. He told Herb, straight out, that there would be no smoking in his car! They had a very funny relationship since my Dad is about as straight laced as you can possibly be.

I am more than proud of my Dad for his service with Southwest and all the other charities and service organizations he has been apart of in his life. He gives of his time freely and unselfishly. I know when I find myself volunteering for this, signing up for that, squeezing every ounce of extra time I can to helping out any way I can, I owe this to my Dad, he is my greatest example.

This picture is in this month's Fortune 500. They highlighted some Boardroom's of the companies that have weathered the storm of this Recession we are in. Dad is in the front seat. Which is so typically him. I always remember the lecture in college to always sit in the front of the class.

I Love you Dad!

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