Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here in Phoenix, it wasn't too bad, I think it may have reached 100 degrees, but for the end of May that is pretty dang good. We swam, shopped, worked and played. Brett and Mike went Quad riding with neighbors across the street. They went to Four Peaks and ended at the lake instead of the mountain top. Here are some pics of Brett....Double click on the pictures to get a great view of the scenery. (In the top picture, I think Mike documented the first purple UFO :)

Finally a Bathroom

We have been in our house for nine years this month and have not had a working bathroom in the boys room. They always used our bathroom, tub and shower. So finally, Mike and I painted it, put a new shower head on, and put up a shower curtain and decorated it. I haven't taken a shower in it yet, because it does belong to the boys, but Brett is enjoying the new shower. He loves how powerful his shower head is and loves the surfboard design on the curtain and towels. Thank you to Dave for a great deal on the shower head we bought at www.showerbuddy.com . It is amazing what a new shower head can do for your shower....

Sparky Fan

Josh went a whole week wearing the same shirt. It was a football jersey that had the number 24 on it, and he called it his number 5 shirt....whatever, he is two. One morning, he was looking for his favorite shirt and could not find it. I told him that Mommy had to wash it and it was dirty. He, looked into the drier, pulled it out (still wet) and put it on, He is a dedicated Sparky Fan, even if he doesn't realize it just yet. Grampa Barney vowed to buy him a new U of A shirt, just to make sure he doesn't make up his mind too soon.

Hi again...

Well, all I can say is that it is May and it was extremely busy. My brain was also on overload because I am working on Marketing my website, and, of course, instead of paying anybody, which I came close to... twice...I saw that I could do it myself so I started learning and applying a lot of lessons. So terms like pay per click, search engine optimization, organic placement, submit/add a url, backlink, pagerank, counter stats, etc. have become my second language at the moment. Basically, every spare moment I am learning knew things and finding my way through the maze of the internet slowly but surely. Also I found out if you know what you are doing, you don't have to pay big money to advertise, which everyone wants your money out there.

On a normal mom note...Brett went to Father and Sons with his Dad. Josh did not get to go, but I am sure he won't miss out next year, I can look forward to one weekend a year where I will be all by myself :) I am making plans already. Anyway, since Moms are not welcomed at this once a year ritual ( and i am glad we are excluded) you get some pretty wild pictures which you probably wouldn't see if Mom were holding the camera. Here is Brett weilding an ax, while his friends look on...can't wait until next May....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Summer's coming!

I can tell when it is time for the kids to go swimming, they tend to give me hints like taking off all their clothes and refusing to put any other clothes on besides swimsuits. Here is Josh protesting regular clothes and waiting in his birthday suit, eating a snack until its time to go swimming. We usually wait until Brett comes home from school before we hit the pool.

Yesterday, I was painting Brett's bathroom, and he came in and wanted to help. While he was waiting for me to find a good place for him to paint, he started asking me some questions. Brett's questions are always funny, here was his short conversation.

Brett: "Mom, how many times have you been married?"

Me: "Only once...so far"

Brett: "Mom, how long have you had Dad?"

Me: Laugh...I have had him for 16 years, this September we will have been married for 17 years (gasp)

Brett: "If you are 35 years old (wink) that means you were married when you were 18 years old."

Me: Your right, of course...

Brett: "I don't want to get married when I am 18."

Me: Good plan

Pre School Grad

Josh graduated from preschool last week. We were a little worried that he may not pass because he did not have his colors memorized. I talked to the teacher and she told me that it was "okay" if he didn't know them, and by next year he will surely get them straight..... Good thing Preschoolers don't have to take the AIMS test, and he doesn't need to be held back. Besides the color thing, I am sure he was the best student she ever had :)