Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 28 - 44 oz.

Today was a 44 oz. kind of day.  My allergies are out of control, so I couldn't resist going by Sonic this morning to fill up on Coke Zero with Lime.  Somehow, it made my morning that much better.

Most mornings go fairly smoothly, I can't complain because I am the only girl getting dressed in the morning at my household.  I know the drama that can ensue because I grew up with two other sisters sharing a bathroom and it can get Uh-Ga-Lee. 

Nevertheless, we still have drama.  I have been rather amused at Josh and his choice of attire.  He insists on wearing skinny jeans.  He has about 6 pairs of pants that he can choose from, but 4 out of 5 days he wears his skinny jeans.  I do have to wash them a couple times per week.  Usually in the morning he is pulling them from his hamper or pulling them out of the dryer.

This is when it gets funny. 

We all know how jeans just out of the dryer feel.  A little tight.  I have very fond memories of the maneuvers I went through in Jr. High and High School where skin tight jeans were the norm.  I even did a demonstration/paper report for my English class on "How to Fit in your Jeans."  Somehow I didn't think my 1st grader would have this same type of experiences.  Especially a BOY!  Please, I don't think he should suffer for fashion.  Nobody should..until they reach Jr. High.

Imagine Josh laying down on his bed while his Mom zips and buttons his jeans.  I plead with him to change into another pair of pants, but he wants the Skinny Jeans. 

I did realize something though, it is not so much the fashion as it is his desire to be like his big brother.  Of course Brett has to wear "Super Skinny" Levis because they are the only thing that fits.  He also needs to wear a belt with said Levis.  As Josh was admiring himself in the mirror, he said, "Mom, when I am 10 am I going to look just like Brett?"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27 - Water Logged

It was a normal Wednesday.  I had taken the kids to school at 8 a.m. and went to work myself.  After I got off work, I did a few errands before I headed home by 3:00 pm just in time for the kids to walk in.  When I opened the door to my house, I thought, Man my house smells musty, I really need to clean!! 

Well, it smelled musty for a reason.  As I walked toward my bedroom, I saw a reflection from the sun shining off of the tile.  That is odd?  As I got closer I realized there was water in the hall.  My first thought, of course, was that the toilet broke and leaked water everywhere.  As I sloshed through the hall and made my way into the bathroom, I could hear water running.  I spotted the culprit.  My bathroom faucet was turned on..full blast for 7 hours.  The stopper was up almost all the way and we don't have an overflow in the sink.  So, the water ran over the sink on to the floor.  It also flowed into the bedroom, in the closet, through the walls, into the hall and even the garage!  I tried to put all my pool towels down, but knew this was over my head when all the towels were soaked and we hadn't cleaned up all the water in the hall.

I called my neighbor Bruce, who is a contractor and he gave me a name of someone who happened to be in our ward who cleans up after such mishaps!  I was so happy when I knew everything would be taken care of and we were on our way to cleaning this huge mess up. 

They really got to work..They tore up my carpet, took out my bathroom cabinets and drilled holes through my wall.  They also hooked up Dehumidifiers, heavy duty fans and put a huge surge protector which is plugged into my oven so we don't trip breakers.  The first night, we all slept in the boys' room.  Mike and I even TRIED to share a twin bed, it worked for half of the night.  The next night we brought our mattress from our Master bedroom into the game room and we are camped there for the time being.  My shoe closet is in the garage, I am sharing a bathroom with 3 boys and I have to traipse through a construction zone to get dressed. 

The good side??  I get new carpeting in my bedroom, maybe new cabinets and counter tops and hopefully we will be able to plug the holes, that would be nice.  I fear that our living arrangement will  be this way for a while.  Yikes!  When Josh asked why there was water everywhere in the house, I told him that someone had left the water running.  He looked at me and said, 'I am sure glad I turn off the water after I brush my teeth!!  I said, "Me, too."  Sigh...........

                    Pool Towels Soaking up the water

        You can see the water soaked in the carpet.

                        Water going into the garage

                                 Carpet coming up.

                            Taking apart the cabinets and counter tops

No More Bathroom CabinHoles in the wall to dry out the drywall

                             Holes in the closet, on the other side is the garage.

                           More fans in the hallway to dry out faster.

Cords running through the house

                             My big surge protector in yellow.

                       Oven out of order for 5 days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 26 - WIcked

If you had two free tickets to go anywhere on Southwest, you would go to Newport Beach right?  That is where we ended up this week.  We had all spring break to make plans, and one member of my party was not really cooperating.  So we had to make the trip a quick one.  I found Wicked tickets for Thursday, March 17th in So.Cal and made the arrangements.  Mike accompanied me without much enthusiasm because it was pretty much a girl trip.  Wicked and shopping.  I don't see any problem with that itenerary. 

He actually became a fan after the first act.  Such a great play.  We also went to the beach, window shopped, ate at 6 different places in 24 hours, took in a movie, and more shopping at South Coast Plaza.  It was a perfect get-a-way, so I am not so bummed about going to Newport on my free passes, Mike's suggestion was Boise, so with that alternative, it was a GREAT trip!! 

Pinkberry Mango and Pomegranate was Yummy.  It was kind of like Ocean Blue, except creamier.  

Korean BBQ.  You cook the meat at your table, Mike loves to eat Asian food while we are in California.

We didn't take a picture the night we went to Wicked, so we visited the Theatre in the day, this is next to South Coast Plaza Mall. 

           Token Beach shot, since the kids were not there, we did not actually get in the ocean, just wandered  around the Pier and the shops. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 25 -Grounders

This is the reason why I have four holes in my wall in the family room.  I wasn't home when this was happening, but Mike made sure he sent me the video.  Josh is practicing his grounders in the house.  This is totally normal.  Hello Baseball season!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 24 - Peaceful

Sorry I needed a hiatus.  My head needed a rest.  Sometimes it is relaxing to write, sometimes it is a luxury.  I didn't relax or have any sort of luxury last week.  (Except for my Birthday, I did take some time there of course!!)  Spring break is a welcome relaxing luxury.  WooHoo!!

Last week was Claire's birthday. I can't believe she would be eight.  Time flies way to fast.  We have  a tradition to take McDonald's to the cemetery to eat  and celebrate her birthday.  The cemetery is so peaceful to me, I hope my kids feel the same peace there as well.  When we sat down to eat, Josh said, "Mom aren't we going to say a prayer?"  I let him say it, it was so cute. 

We can't wait until we can see her again!!

I Love how we have 3 sodas on the gravestone.  That is so us. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 23- Crazy Day

Whew, glad this day is almost over.  Today I went to work at the school and then had to go back to the Dermatologist.  My "spot" I had removed had abnormal cells and they had to go back in and go deeper and a little wider to make sure they got all of it.  Again, I am so glad I went, but right now I have stitches and it itches like crazy.  After my dermatologist appointment, I went by my kids school to get the Art Masterpiece program situated.  I am in charge of that project this year and I will be glad when I have all the classes covered.

When I finally got home, Mike was home, thank goodness.  It is always nice to have an extra set of hands once in a while.  When I got out of my car, I decided to pick up the trash that it had collected the last couple of days in my car, so I set my keys, phone and notepad on the back of Mike's truck.  I was thinking, I am going to come right back out and get this....haha.  Of course I got into the house and my brain was checked at the door.  Mike then left with Josh and I was taking Brett to scouts.  By the time it occurred to me where my keys and phone were, Mike and the truck were gone.  I followed his path to try to find the remains of my belongings somewhere on the road. 

Luckily, the girls down the street were out playing and I enlisted them in helping me find my things.  One found my phone (the case had been separated from the phone) another found a pen and a notepad.  I never found the keys though.  Of course I have a spare, but oh man, how happy am I that I found my phone!!

After a few rounds of picking up and dropping off, we made dinner and I was ready to rest.  Josh convinced me to do one more errand which involved a quick jaunt to Kohls.  As we were perusing the kids clothes, I found myself dancing to "Umbrella" by Rihanna.  Josh looked at me funny and said under his breath so no one would here, "Mom, it is so embarrassing, please stop."   I tried to apologize but he darted off in another direction in case anyone accidentally put the two of us together.

Finally I am home, in my jammies and ready to get the kids in bed and hopefully get in a little reading time for me.  I am ready to put this day behind me and start on Wednesday.  Bring it on, at least I have my phone to conquer the day!