Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 26 - WIcked

If you had two free tickets to go anywhere on Southwest, you would go to Newport Beach right?  That is where we ended up this week.  We had all spring break to make plans, and one member of my party was not really cooperating.  So we had to make the trip a quick one.  I found Wicked tickets for Thursday, March 17th in So.Cal and made the arrangements.  Mike accompanied me without much enthusiasm because it was pretty much a girl trip.  Wicked and shopping.  I don't see any problem with that itenerary. 

He actually became a fan after the first act.  Such a great play.  We also went to the beach, window shopped, ate at 6 different places in 24 hours, took in a movie, and more shopping at South Coast Plaza.  It was a perfect get-a-way, so I am not so bummed about going to Newport on my free passes, Mike's suggestion was Boise, so with that alternative, it was a GREAT trip!! 

Pinkberry Mango and Pomegranate was Yummy.  It was kind of like Ocean Blue, except creamier.  

Korean BBQ.  You cook the meat at your table, Mike loves to eat Asian food while we are in California.

We didn't take a picture the night we went to Wicked, so we visited the Theatre in the day, this is next to South Coast Plaza Mall. 

           Token Beach shot, since the kids were not there, we did not actually get in the ocean, just wandered  around the Pier and the shops. 


Kelli Brown said...

Jealous you had a getaway sans kids! I need one of those...

Shahana said...

Looks you are having great times. Good luck.