Monday, January 07, 2008

Josh Riding a Quad

Christmas Pics

Brett excited to get his Present he has been waiting for! Josh getting his Motorcycle Present Mom riding with Josh on the Quad Josh pouting that the Quad is put up for the day...

Happy New Year 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a great New Year! Our Christmas was wonderful, Brett got his Wii that he was hoping for....I told him he needed to step it up and make sure he was extra Nice this Christmas season, because Santa was watching and he wanted to make sure he got the Wii. He told me as long he was right in the middle of Naughty and Nice that he would get what he had wished for. So he was not too nice and not too naughty, that was his strategy...It apparently paid off because he has been playing Wii non-stop his whole Christmas vacation.

Josh didn't have a strategy, he wanted one thing for Christmas, a Motorcycle present. That is what he told everyone when they asked him what he wanted for Christmas. When Christmas morning came, he received a remote control motorcycle. I am sure he wanted the real thing, but he will have to live with the tiny toy version for now. Josh also got a Spider Man baseball bat and skates. He lost the ball that went with the baseball bat after an hour of playing with it, so he used the next best thing...EGGS. Oh yeah, I would think of eggs myself if I was looking for a substitute ball. I caught him as he was going for his third egg to smash. (The carpet cleaners are coming this week to remove the yellow stains on my carpet! Along with the black,purple and green stains from other unidentifiable stains..)

New Years Eve came and we went out to dinner with my family including my Sister and her husband visiting from Utah. We ate at the Bamboo Club and enjoyed a great dinner and dessert.

When we got home we found the babysitter frazzled and our closet full of swords and any other weapons the boys could find. Apparently, they were chasing the babysitter with toys, so she confiscated them and locked them away in our closet. As we apologized and the boys apologized, we were walking her out when I noticed her jacket on the floor. I picked it up and handed it to her and she said, "I can't touch it, the boys were spitting on it." Wonderful..The boys again apologized and were sent to bed not to be seen again until next year....We'll have to give this babysitter a few months until she can be contacted again.