Friday, May 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I found a link to the chapter. Woohoo!

Sorry, you will have to copy and paste...someone needs to show me how to do a hot link!!

Happy Reading

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's that smell??

I am sure this happens to everyone. You smell something funny and you try to follow the scent and hopefully find what it is and spray Lysol on it! Well, I smelled a faint burning smell the other day. I had used the stove recently, so I assumed it was kind of left over from that. Well, after a while I still smelled it. So I went searching. As I was searching the kitchen, I ruled out the candle, stove and microwave. Then I noticed a wisp of smoke coming from the kitchen light above the table. I stood on the chair and reached in (not usually a good idea) and pulled out a burning flip flop. Hmmm. It was Josh's flip flop so I went after him, then Brett fessed up that he "Accidentally" threw Josh's shoe and it landed in the light. Good shot Brett, but next time let me know asap!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day Notes

I love Mother's Day. I enjoy getting extra hugs from my kids, my husband making me breakfast and peace and quiet. Well then I woke up and it was Sunday. Josh got up first and that meant I was up as soon as he was yelling for me. He had wet the bed and was changing when I came in to his room. I said, "Oh no Josh, you pee-d the bed." He said, "No Mommy, pee is yellow the bed is blue. I did not pee the bed." Okay, so his sheets are blue and he is right, it looks like blue water. So there must be some other explanation. Good try Josh. Josh is desperate to not wear pull-ups at night and any time he wets the bed, which is usually around once a week, he desperately tries to hide it. After he got changed, he gave me a hug and said, "My love you Mommy, you stink pretty!"

Brett got up next and he told me that he did not have a present for me. I told him that I don't need a present, I just need a hug from him. He explained that his teacher did not hand out the Mother's Day presents on Friday, so he was going to have to draw me a picture. I can go for that.

We all had to go wake up the last member of the family to try to coax him into making breakfast for us. He finally wandered into the kitchen and made cinnamon rolls which were great. Although he left the sink full of dirty dishes. I did ignore them as long as possible. By lunch, they were still there. I did not give him any hints, I just never did the dishes. Right before church, he finally figured out that I wasn't going to do the dishes that day, so he did clean up before we left. Thanks Mike!

After church Mike finally gave me a present. It was a GPS that I had given him for his birthday. We had talked about it and he could not understand what would posses me to give him a GPS. He insists he never gets lost. Well, what about when we go out of town?? That is what I have you for honey, he told me, you always have the map and tell me where to go. So True...

Real Quick

I want to make sure I get this blog in before it slips my memory. I went to Stephanie Meyer's book tour when she cam to Tempe. It was fun, and I was not the oldest one there! So I didn't feel too out of place. Stephanie talked about her new book "The Host," which I read and loved. Of course, it is not twilight, but it is a great book. She talked about how she has plans for it to become a trilogy and already has outlines for the next two books. She also mentioned that she was almost done editing Breaking Dawn and her next project will be Midnight Sun. Yay!!

We sat behind some college girls that had visited the Twilight set in LA. They were filming the scene at "Rene's house" and they had some great pictures of Robert Pattinson. They also had their Twilight book that was filled with autographs from the cast. Pretty Cool. Oh Yeah, they also got matching tatoo's that day that were on their ankle that said, "Be Safe." Nice to know there are crazier people than me out there. :)

Here is a pic of Stephanie autographing my friend Andrea's book. They were pretty strict on how close you could get to her to take a picture, so it wasn't the best. We had a good time and I can't believe I talked to the person that created Edward!

Click on the picture to enlarge..

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Josh graduated from Pre-Pre School last week. He loved going to Ms. Kristen's and he still talks about her in his prayers. He keeps asking when he can go to preschool, it's hard to explain to him that he is done! He moves on to regular preschool in September. Let's hope we can hold on for 4 months without is going to be a long summer for me!!!

Josh with his graduating cap on.

Josh with Ms. Kristen. I promise he really does love her!

Cute picture of Josh protesting my picture taking...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mikes B-day wish

Thanks to our neighbors, Matt and Andrea, Mike had a surprise for his birthday!

Utah Trip

This weekend I went up to Utah to visit my sister and her new baby. She has lived up in Utah for over a year and I have not been up to visit her yet. I was glad that I was able to swing it and Mike stayed home with the boys to hold down the fort. The day before I left, she called to tell me it was snowing that day! I couldn't believe it..When we arrived, it was cold and the wind was blowing but no snow. It did warm up a bit through the weekend, so it was bearable. I stayed at her house in the basement. It was very nice, except was freezing! I had my pajamas on, a robe and two blankets and still froze! I spent most of the weekend holding the baby and loving the break from my routine.

Meanwhile at home, Mike was dealing with kids with diarrhea, vomiting and oh yeah, his 40th birthday! I have some major making up to do :) He did have a nice birthday. I had hid some presents, and our neighbors brought over a cake that had a candle that read 29. Brett was trying to convince the neighbors that his Dad really was 40, instead of 29. He couldn't believe they would make such a mistake! Happy Birthday Mike..I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the weekend, I was trying not to smile when you told me about the kids being sick, I really wish I was there for you - maybe next time!

Okay a few pictures...

This is Cynthia and me. The only way you can tell we are sisters is by the hair.. Different color, but suspiciously similar :)

Cynthia and Baby after the blessing. He was crying now, but he slept during the important part of the day!

A closeup of Brandon. I had posted a picture of him when he was born. He did have hair then. When I first saw him I said, "He's bald!" Cynthia immediately corrected me and told me he is just a toe-head and you can't see his hair but it is there. OK, Mama!