Monday, May 05, 2008

Utah Trip

This weekend I went up to Utah to visit my sister and her new baby. She has lived up in Utah for over a year and I have not been up to visit her yet. I was glad that I was able to swing it and Mike stayed home with the boys to hold down the fort. The day before I left, she called to tell me it was snowing that day! I couldn't believe it..When we arrived, it was cold and the wind was blowing but no snow. It did warm up a bit through the weekend, so it was bearable. I stayed at her house in the basement. It was very nice, except was freezing! I had my pajamas on, a robe and two blankets and still froze! I spent most of the weekend holding the baby and loving the break from my routine.

Meanwhile at home, Mike was dealing with kids with diarrhea, vomiting and oh yeah, his 40th birthday! I have some major making up to do :) He did have a nice birthday. I had hid some presents, and our neighbors brought over a cake that had a candle that read 29. Brett was trying to convince the neighbors that his Dad really was 40, instead of 29. He couldn't believe they would make such a mistake! Happy Birthday Mike..I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the weekend, I was trying not to smile when you told me about the kids being sick, I really wish I was there for you - maybe next time!

Okay a few pictures...

This is Cynthia and me. The only way you can tell we are sisters is by the hair.. Different color, but suspiciously similar :)

Cynthia and Baby after the blessing. He was crying now, but he slept during the important part of the day!

A closeup of Brandon. I had posted a picture of him when he was born. He did have hair then. When I first saw him I said, "He's bald!" Cynthia immediately corrected me and told me he is just a toe-head and you can't see his hair but it is there. OK, Mama!


Spuhlers said...

He's so sweet!!! love the pictures!!! Cynthia looks fabulous, as always. Hope she's feeling as good! Glad you had a fun trip and missed out on the fun at home!!! Happy Birthday Mike!!

shay said...

Brandon and Mom look great! He looks big and healthy, love that. Glad you had fun in Utah and got to get away.