Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watch Out!

We put Josh on this toy Quad and all he wants to do is ride. He will ride by himself in circles until it gets dark outside, or the battery runs out whichever comes first. The top picture is a close-up of the future motorcross enthusiast and the cutest kid ever :) The second picture is of his Uncle Trent showing him how to always include dangerous stunts while riding Quads. Posted by Picasa

Not Exactly Disneyland

For our Fall break we went to the State Fair instead of Disneyland like every other family that we know. We saved ourselves the 6 hour car ride and had a great time. We spent surprisingly a lot of money (I haven't been to the fair for a loooong time), but it was worth it. I have to give you a glimpse on what we consumed, at the end of the day, when we took inventory of what went in our mouths, it was quite shocking. Some highlights include, bean and cheese fry bread, hot dog, funnel cake, deep fried twinkie with powder sugar and chocolate sauce (couldn't resist that one!), onion rings, fried zucchini, pizza, cotton candy and diet coke. That was just me! (kidding... sort of )

We did come home with a goldfish named Sparkle and we all smelled like cows. We must put this on our to do list next year..... Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006


Just a quick note on the ongoing saga of what should be a good night's sleep. Pretty much every night I am up with Josh 2-3 times a night. Some nights are better than others. He is still sleeping in his bed, but when he wakes up (why does he wake up???) he gets out of bed and cries for me. I walk him back to his bed and he always says, "Mama, Pillow?" He wants me to lay next to his bed on a pillow. I am slowly creeping the pillow closer to the door to lay down. Who knows maybe he will wake up and want me to sleep outside his door on the pillow.
Of course, when Mike wakes up in the morning, he says, "Did Josh sleep through the night?" My answer is always the same, "Are you Kidding Me?" Must be nice to turn on the "Off" button when you go to bed - someday I will sleep through the night, I just know it.