Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watch Out!

We put Josh on this toy Quad and all he wants to do is ride. He will ride by himself in circles until it gets dark outside, or the battery runs out whichever comes first. The top picture is a close-up of the future motorcross enthusiast and the cutest kid ever :) The second picture is of his Uncle Trent showing him how to always include dangerous stunts while riding Quads. Posted by Picasa


Lisa said...

hmm, i'll guessing uncle trent is on mikes' side! :) and yes--that is one seriously cute boy!

Anonymous said...

Every single time I see pictures of Josh he looks adorable!! He needs to get into toddler modeling I swear! Seriously. He's so cute, he must take after his Aunt Lynda :-)

shay said...

At first I thought that was Mike. I should have known better, there is no way Mike is that flexiable. Way to go Trent!