Monday, February 19, 2007

Essay Contest

Brett was chosen to submit his essay for an essay contest for the school district. His teacher chose two student's essays from her class and Brett's was one of them. We are always surprised when Brett gets a good grade in spelling or grammer. We are not sure where he gets it from, but we are pretty sure it is not from his parents. :) I will type his essay if you can't read the copy. Click on the picture to enlarge it. It is true what they say, just to be nominated is a thrill......

My Favorite Things

My fish because when they swim it makes me happy.

I like to read because it has a good feeling.

I like my Dad because he surprises me.

I like my grandparents because I like to play there.

I like to nap because it gives me back my energy.

Love makes me happy.

Saturday with the Boys

The weather was great, a little windy but sunny around 72 degrees. Mike convinced me to go "Quad" riding so I can videotape Brett and Josh. We made our way to Saguaro Lake and found a place near the river wash to ride. Mike wanted to ride a ways back to a flatter area so Brett could practice on smaller hills. We packed our camera and lawn chairs and took off on the Quads. Mike had Josh and Brett took me. Yep, that is right, my 6 year old drove me. As I was holding on to his tiny frame, I kept on telling him to slow down...."Mom, we are going to loose Dad if I don't go faster!" I told him he would be in big trouble if he went faster than I was comfortable with.
We decided that Brett would drive to avoid Josh witnessing that I could drive the Quad. If he knew that I could do it, he would constantly be begging me everyday to ride the quad and he would have a tantrum if I didn't give him a ride. Well, we finally found a spot that Brett could practice on the hills and he did great. After an hour, we packed up and went back to the car.

Our next stop was a park near the lake. We had a small church party there. We cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and the boys rode in canoes at the lake. We stayed there for a couple of hours and headed home. When we got home, I was ready for a shower, but Josh got out his bike and wanted to ride around the neighborhood. I opted to walk next to him, but ended up running to keep up with him. I finally convinced him to come in to the house after a half an hour jog to get a drink and I locked him in. I was done!

When we were eating dinner, Brett looked up and said, "I'm bored Mom, what can we do tonight?" I looked at him and said, "How about your laundry?" He didn't complain anymore.

Another Mouth to Feed

We found a baby fish while we were cleaning the fish tank. It is a tiny little thing that almost got sucked out with the old water. The old saying don't through the baby out with the bath water came to mind. I am not even sure what that means, but I think it means to pay attention! We are still trying to figure out which of our original fish is the "Mama." He is too small to even tell what color he is going to be. Hopefully, he can make it to adulthood and I hope Mike doesn't buy a bigger fish tank to give him room to grow.....

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I am in the mood for Pink. Enough of these boy colors!! Have a great February everyone....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Hero

Seriously, this is the best product ever invented. It has helped me in a number of ways. It cleans grout, scuff marks, crayon on walls, pens on leather, dirt on car upholstery. There is literally no end to what this amazing product can do. I use it daily. I just want to say thank you to this amazing man. I have tried the imitation Target brand and it does not even come close to what Mr. Clean can do. If you even think of trying to save $1 don't do it. Please, give credit where credit is due and just buy Mr. Clean eraser pads, you will not be sorry, in fact you will thank me.