Friday, October 26, 2007

Not Fast Enough

As I was preparing to walk out the door to do some errands, I told Josh that we were going to the store. I heard him as he headed for the garage and I thought, I better hurry before he opens the garage door. As I gathered my last minute things like my list, a coke and put away the last dish into the dishwasher, I headed towards the garage door.

As I was walking out, Josh came back in to the house and said, "Mom, I started the car for you!" Fear struck, but I knew Josh was safe. When I approached the car, the car was locked with the keys in the ignition. The radio and the air conditioning were on, but the car engine was not running. At that point I did not care if I was locked out of my car, but thankful that nothing was damamged, including Josh!

Now, I put my keys up in the cupboard instead of my purse. All I can do is try to keep one step ahead of Josh, until he catches up...BTW, if you see Josh driving my car around the neighborhood, I have not given him permission to drive. So, please give me a call, I appreciate it :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Twenty Years...

I can't believe it, but I just had my Twenty Year High School Reunion. It was too much fun seeing everyone. So much better than the 10 year reunion, although I had fun at that too. This time, I didn't worry if I hung out with them in High School, rather just a chance to connect with people that have the same past as I did. I added some pics of some of my BFF's from High School. We, of course, look sooo much better than we did in High School :)

The night was perfect, except for a stalker that followed me around hoping to get a ride home with me. I had to ditch him with some help from my friends and a few old football players that jumped into protective mode...Ahhhh, High school all over again.

Neola, Me, Carmel, Julie - This is the Big Surf, Y&R at lunch, Mesa High Boys, Devil House crew !!

Peggy (Best Friend from Elementary School), Me, Becky (Best Friend from Elementary - College - Too many secrets to reveal here...She was my goto friend for adventure for sure!

Brian, Me - Maybe a small crush....

Marci, Toni, Me - My BFF's from Elementary to Present - It's good to have great friends - Love you guys!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Die Hard Sparky Fans

We finally all made it to a game this past weekend. We had fun, but only made it to half time. Brett had been up early handling his garage sale (see Garage Sale post) and the game was going to last a while. Mike was a little sad to leave but the alternative was not looking good. I love this picture of Brett with the Band in the background. It doesn't look real, but it is!!

My Heroes

My boys are big Power Ranger fans, so when we learned they were making a live appearance, we could not miss it. We arrived at the Az Mills Mall and lined up to get our picture taken with them. Brett and Josh were very excited and they couldn't wait to meet them. They finally made it up to the front of the line and they exchanged "high fives" and "ninja moves" and we snapped some pictures.

I wonder if Brett will remember this day...He has watched the power rangers for about 4 years and knows all about them. I think he will look back and remember fondly how cool he felt to meet these heroes. I look at it and see that there are two men, who have to put on this costume, which most men would never try on, even in a dare. They get to do silly poses and they can not talk to the little kids.

But in the end, I gave the rangers a thumbs up and thanked Heaven that someone created these characters and the movies have given me many moments of peace and sanity. Thanks Power Rangers!

Garage Sale

We had a community garage sale which we did not partake in. I only really wanted to sell one thing, a stroller which we never use. It was just too big to sell on EBAY! Anyway, Brett woke up at 6:15 on Saturday morning and was mad we did not wake him up earlier.

Unfortunately, I don't do garage sales, so his Dad had to introduce him to the cut throat world of bargain hunters. He was sure he was going to get $2 for his McDonald toy that he had pulled out from the bottom of his toy box!

Brett stuck with it for 2 to 3 hours, sitting out there trying to hock his wares. He even bartered with the neighbor to give him the basketball hoop for free, then he promptly made a sign for it and sold it for $1 at his garage sale. He pretty much had no shame and every time a car went by, he held up his merchandise like a proud merchant.

I am afraid we will never miss a garage sale again :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random Pics

Josh's first day of Preschool

Brett going to the ASU game

Surprise pics when I loaded my pictures. What a kid will do with a camera!

Cute Baby Kelly Marie Conway born Sept 28, 2007

Brett holding his new "Girl" cousin. One of his three new girl cousins making there appearance within 6 months. I think he is trying to look happy here. :)

Finally a Night Out

Once in a great while, we actually plan a babysitter and have a destination in mind to enjoy an evening together. Last Friday, was just an occasion where we planned to go out with friends to the Tempe Marketplace for Dinner and hanging out. I got dressed in something else than my Mom uniform and got the house ready for the babysitter.

Mike had arrived home, so I told him to watch the kids, while I picked up the babysitter (name withheld :) When I arrived to pick her up, her Mom informed me that she was having a bad day and she was emotional and was a little behind getting ready. So I talked with the Mom, while the babysitter finished up and off we went.

When I arrived home, I opened the garage to find a little boy inside, he quickly pushed the button to shut the garage. I opened it again, and he ran toward me and slipped and fell. I got out of the car to see what was the matter and there was a bottle of Armor-All car soap emptied out on the garage floor. He also had other car cleaning supplies like a squeegie, towel, bucket and of course MY CAR KEYS!

I see he was planning a quick car wash and take the car for a spin when it was sparkling clean...

I picked him up and went to find his Father...I only told Mike that there was a mess in the garage and he needed to clean it before we left. Believe me, he got the picture. Now, I had to clean Josh and I now had soap on my outfit, since I had picked him up.

After an outfit change, we were off. On hour later, we received a "Text Message" from the babysitter that Brett had lost his tooth and he wanted to hide it from the Tooth Fairy. He wanted to make sure we saw it before the tooth fairy came and took it away. He double wrapped it in ziploc bags to be sure she couldn't open it.

Well, we did have a great time out and enjoyed a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the Crab and shrimp Miso Salad, which has been calling my name ever since. When we arrived home I asked the Babysitter how everything went. She said, "Good, but Josh threw-up and I don't know why, Luckily, my Mom came to clean it up, because I would not touch it."

Thank Heavens for a peaceful Night Out!

My, Me, Mine and I

These are the favorite words of a Three year old. Josh loves to use them, in fact I think they are in every sentence he utters. Sometimes, I do get around to correcting him on being polite and courteous, but sometimes I laugh because he says them all jumbled up.

"My go outside"
"No Mommy, Mine do it"
"Brother hit me" (He's got that one down pretty good by now.)
My Favorite -- "Me put on my seatsbelt, Mommy Drive"

Speaking of the seatbelt. He insists on putting it on by himself or he gets out of his car seat. So sometimes, I will be sitting in the store parking lot for a good 5 minutes before we can move on to the next destination. All I can say, is that I am glad that it is finally in the 90's and I don't melt while waiting for him to buckle his seat belt!