Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finally a Night Out

Once in a great while, we actually plan a babysitter and have a destination in mind to enjoy an evening together. Last Friday, was just an occasion where we planned to go out with friends to the Tempe Marketplace for Dinner and hanging out. I got dressed in something else than my Mom uniform and got the house ready for the babysitter.

Mike had arrived home, so I told him to watch the kids, while I picked up the babysitter (name withheld :) When I arrived to pick her up, her Mom informed me that she was having a bad day and she was emotional and was a little behind getting ready. So I talked with the Mom, while the babysitter finished up and off we went.

When I arrived home, I opened the garage to find a little boy inside, he quickly pushed the button to shut the garage. I opened it again, and he ran toward me and slipped and fell. I got out of the car to see what was the matter and there was a bottle of Armor-All car soap emptied out on the garage floor. He also had other car cleaning supplies like a squeegie, towel, bucket and of course MY CAR KEYS!

I see he was planning a quick car wash and take the car for a spin when it was sparkling clean...

I picked him up and went to find his Father...I only told Mike that there was a mess in the garage and he needed to clean it before we left. Believe me, he got the picture. Now, I had to clean Josh and I now had soap on my outfit, since I had picked him up.

After an outfit change, we were off. On hour later, we received a "Text Message" from the babysitter that Brett had lost his tooth and he wanted to hide it from the Tooth Fairy. He wanted to make sure we saw it before the tooth fairy came and took it away. He double wrapped it in ziploc bags to be sure she couldn't open it.

Well, we did have a great time out and enjoyed a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the Crab and shrimp Miso Salad, which has been calling my name ever since. When we arrived home I asked the Babysitter how everything went. She said, "Good, but Josh threw-up and I don't know why, Luckily, my Mom came to clean it up, because I would not touch it."

Thank Heavens for a peaceful Night Out!

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Spuhlers said...

okay, that is hillarious! Of course, you can look back now and think so, huh? I need to get over to that California Pizza place--love it! Glad you did finally get out though, I thought you were going to say that when Josh fell in the garage that he busted his lip open or something--just to add to the trauma. But then, I would have seen that at school, so never mind :)