Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random Pics

Josh's first day of Preschool

Brett going to the ASU game

Surprise pics when I loaded my pictures. What a kid will do with a camera!

Cute Baby Kelly Marie Conway born Sept 28, 2007

Brett holding his new "Girl" cousin. One of his three new girl cousins making there appearance within 6 months. I think he is trying to look happy here. :)


jjreedandfam said...

The random pictures are my favorite. But they are also my downfall, I try to delete the not so good ones from my digital camera, but the random ones are just as good! I can't wait to show your blog to Carter tomorrow, except then he'll probably beg me all day to cal Josh, so don't be too surprised to hear carter on the other end of the phone!

shay conway said...

Boy that little girl sure is ADORABLE! The cutest little thing ever, Josh and Brett are lucky to have such a cute niece, not that I'm bias or anything :)

Spuhlers said...

Way to support the Devils !!!! Go Devils, beat the Huskies !!!!

Lisa said...

cute pictures. i love josh' funny faces!