Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My, Me, Mine and I

These are the favorite words of a Three year old. Josh loves to use them, in fact I think they are in every sentence he utters. Sometimes, I do get around to correcting him on being polite and courteous, but sometimes I laugh because he says them all jumbled up.

"My go outside"
"No Mommy, Mine do it"
"Brother hit me" (He's got that one down pretty good by now.)
My Favorite -- "Me put on my seatsbelt, Mommy Drive"

Speaking of the seatbelt. He insists on putting it on by himself or he gets out of his car seat. So sometimes, I will be sitting in the store parking lot for a good 5 minutes before we can move on to the next destination. All I can say, is that I am glad that it is finally in the 90's and I don't melt while waiting for him to buckle his seat belt!

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