Friday, August 24, 2007

Have a Good Day

I have a daily habit/obsession. I read the newspaper everyday. If I don't, my day doesn't seem to be organized. I also read the obituaries and usually call people when someone they know has died. I figure since I read the whole paper, I might as well read the obituaries too, right?? Well, today I saw the obituary for a friend I had in Jr High and High School. She wasn't a close friend, but a friend that I have fond memories of. Of course, I called my friend Toni to share the news. We both agreed it hits too close to home.

So I realized that today has to be a good day, and tomorrow has to be a good day and all the rest of our days need to be enjoyed. So today I enjoyed being with my kids, playing Mario Party on Game Cube, rollerskating and playing cars. I even enjoyed Spongebob, which I usually tune out. Here is a quote from Sandy the Squirrel, that I found was strangely appropriate for today. "Sometimes it is time to hang up your hang-glider and just watch the sky." Who knew Spongebob could teach me a lesson.


Lisa said...

it took me a while to get hooked on sponge bob and now i sit and watch it with the girls. sorry about your friend. it is strange when someone your own age dies. glad you enjoyed your boys!

and i love the oh my crap saying--of course i am not the mommy! ha

Spuhlers said...

I have just steared away from the news and newspapers cause it's just depressing, but then I never know what's up either :) Do I know who it was that passed away? I can't believe yhat you and Mike don't crack up at Spongebob! I seriosly think that was one of Maggies first words. I'm looking forward to seeing Josh and hearing his fun statements! He'll have a lot to teach the rest of the class :)

Cottonwood Beach said...
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Anonymous said...

What I learned from your phone call is that I love you very much and don't see you nearly enough. Always tell people what you feel when you feel it because they won't hear you at their funeral. You are funny, smart, a great writer, (very engaging), a spectacular mother to boys..(Still cracks me up) and someone I can count on in a pinch. You have listened to all my divorce/dating drama and are the only one I can tell the full story to. :) Thank you for being real, for being freaking hilarious and for being my oldest friend. (Second grade..I was there baby!)
I love you love you!

Spuhlers said...

Okay Nicole--
Time for a new post! Hello! Didn't I tag you too :)