Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Fish Tale

In October we "won" a lovely goldfish at the State Fair, actually, we paid $5 for it. I thought, for sure, that the fish would only live for a couple of weeks, max. Well, a couple of months later, we were still the proud parents of a goldfish named Sparkle. One January day, Mike brought home a fish tank and announced that we were giving "Goldie" (he never could actually call the fish Sparkle) a real home with friends. We went down to PetCo to pick out our new fish and were now proud parents of 4 Goldfish. Pretty soon, we noticed the goldfish spending most of their days on the bottom of the fish tank. I was pretty sure that was not a good sign. Mike insisted that they were resting and it was normal. Well, sure enough the fish started dying left and right, but our original "Goldie" was the lone survivor. We chalked it up to his "West Side" upbringing and thought he was just a tough guy. We added new fish and they started dying too. We finally lost our "Goldie' and realized that it was the result of bad parenting. I was ready to move on and get back to life free from pets, when Mike bought a brand new fish tank and new we go again. After a few more weeks of trial and error (sadly 9 fish had been flushed away) we finally have mastered the art of taking care of fish and now feel we can call ourselves experts on the matter. Here is proof that we have happy healthy fish as pets. Click on the picture to enlarge it. We have four fish. A Catfish to clean the bottom of the rocks, and three Molly's. One black, white and gold.


Josh loves ice cream -- can you tell?? He usually helps himself to the freezer and he likes to "mark" his carton by the above method. Only a Mom can share a bite of ice cream after this ritual. YUM :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Potty Training

(Josh watching Teletubbies)

I was not looking forward to potty training Josh. Just because... who wants to potty train?? Not one of the favorite things moms list as the reasons they love being a mom. I also wasn't planning on doing it this early, but he has started himself. I am confused because he has it a little backwards. For the past week he does #2 in the toilet. But as I tried to train the other part, I have not been successful. I shouldn't wait to train him until I am ready, because he is really getting the hardest part. Hopefully, we will be diaper free soon...and I don't have to collect diaper coupons any more!!!

One of Brett's Most Memorable

Everyone who knows Brett has a story. He is one of a kind and he comes up with some crazy things. He also does crazy things that drive me crazy, but to me, he is one of a kind. This is a soon to be classic story.
I was out at the pool, scooping the leaves out when I hear Brett in the house calling for me.

B: "Mom where are you??"
Me: I am out in the pool..
B: "Mom where are you??
Me: Brett, I am outside, what do you need??
B: Long Pause
Me: Brett??
B: Mom, I think I'm Gay
Me: No response
B: Mom, I really think I'm Gay
Me: Okay honey, I'm coming inside
B: Mom, Gay means happy doesn't it?
Me: Yes
B: Oh, then I am for sure gay...
Me: Most of the time, you just say you are happy
Me: Where did you hear this?
B: A friend from school was telling people that they were gay, then I talked to my friend Mack and we decided that we were happy so we must be gay.
Me: Sometimes it is not nice to call people gay, just say that you are happy.
B: I know Mom, it is not nice to say you are gay.... but I am happy.
Me : Okay, I Love you....

Well, if you can't really explain the way you want, I figured telling him I loved him was the best I could do at that moment.

New Toys

Brett received a Quad for Christmas and was pretty excited to move up to the real thing from the battery operated one that Josh has claimed as his own. It only took a few hours after Brett received his new quad that Mike started hinting about how cool it would be to have one for himself. "Wouldn't it be great to take the kids out for the day? I could take both Brett and Josh and we could go away for the weekend." He thought that would tempt me. I told him maybe next year. Well, the following week was a new year, silly me....and we have another quad for the family....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello New Year

Yeah, Its been a while, but it has been the holiday's. Give me a break. I am sooo glad it is over. I had to protect all my valuable Christmas decorations from Josh. He broke his fair share of ornaments...and the tree....poor tree, it never met Josh before and I am sure it never wants to come out of its box again. He pulled it, poked it, threw beaters, balls and shoes at it. He also took a broomstick and "fought the tree" (power ranger style).
I decided to put the nativity out of reach of him, because I couldn't live with myself if he desecrated the Baby Jesus! Anyway, I have learned my lesson maybe and hopefully next year will be better. SO, to make myself feel better, I decided to make a few resolutions for 2007. Nothing crazy but doable so here are is my list....
1. Keep my nails painted (Is this a goal that is out of reach?? we'll see)
2. Read the New Testament (ok, that might be a little crazy)
3. Read a book - I am not particular, just a book to make me feel like an adult
4. Run a 5K - this might seem crazy but I KNOW I can do it if I sign up for one. If anyone knows any good ones, let me know and sign up with me.
5. Change my ringtone on my phone. I got a new phone and can't figure out how to download my favorite song. So I need to read the instructions.
6. Dust my closet - oh man, it is scary when I get out shoes I haven't worn for a while, yikes!
7. Attend my 20 year High School Reunion - No way, I am not that old.
8. Paint my bedroom. I have been in this house for 7 years and my room is the last to be painted - surprise.
9. Buy a new purse. This doesn't seem like a hard one to keep. I just have to remind myself to buy a new one, because I always wear out my current one way past its natural life.
10. Finish my Website - Ha! I decided to pay someone to do this so it will actually get done.

So, there they are, in black and white. I have committed to them and you are all witnesses. Wouldn't it be just a kick if I actually finish all of them by the end of the year... Wow!