Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Potty Training

(Josh watching Teletubbies)

I was not looking forward to potty training Josh. Just because... who wants to potty train?? Not one of the favorite things moms list as the reasons they love being a mom. I also wasn't planning on doing it this early, but he has started himself. I am confused because he has it a little backwards. For the past week he does #2 in the toilet. But as I tried to train the other part, I have not been successful. I shouldn't wait to train him until I am ready, because he is really getting the hardest part. Hopefully, we will be diaper free soon...and I don't have to collect diaper coupons any more!!!


shay said...

teletubbies is still on tv? yikes!

Lisa said...

yeah, haley trained herself--one reason why she's my favorite! ha ha