Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rain, Rain

Wow, we got some wet stuff today. We haven't had rain in quite a while, in fact, it has been in the 90's. The kids were happy to splash in puddles and pretty much get soaked. Brett came in from playing all afternoon looking like this. He was so happy after an afternoon of playing with his friends, I had to take a picture.

Spring Break

For our Spring Break, we tested out the swimming pool. Too cold for me, but not for the boys and their Dad. They stayed in the pool for an hour and a half and even convinced the neighbor girl to jump in. I finally convinced Brett to come in because his lips were blue and he was shivering. He has zero body fat, so I know he was cold. Josh probably couldn't tell it was cold, but I still made him come in too!

Lehi Days

We went to Lehi Days at the beginning of March. They have a rodeo, petting zoo, cow roping, greased pig catching and the money goat for the kids. It basically is a celebration for the town of Lehi. It is a community of farmers and ranchers, which we are now apart of because we bought a house on what used to be farmland not so long ago....
Our kids were the "city" kids with sunglasses and polo shirts. We don't have cowboy boots or cowboy hats, but we still feel like we are a part of Lehi.


Sorry, it has been a while! I am not very good at blogging sometimes. I have been busy with my website and its almost ready to go, but I have had technical difficulties - which is totally frustrating. But, I am learning alot : )

I finally found a new comforter set for my room so I am going to be painting and putting new bathroom fixtures and adding extra touches to my bedroom. I am pretty excited about that! I went to pick it up at the mall the other day but Josh had his own agenda. Of course shopping at the mall is all about him. We stop at the toy store, puppy store, ride the escalators a million times, than get a pink cupcake for dessert, yum! He also mimicked the mannequins in the kids department at Macy's. Here are some pics.