Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What a Weekend

We had a crazy weekend which had pretty much drained me. Friday I attended a funeral of a little girl who died of an inoperable brain tumor. Little kids funerals are always the hardest. You feel sadness for the life that was cut way too short here on earth, and the empty space they have left behind. The funeral was a tribute to an amazing spirit that has left a huge impression on a lot of people. For everyone that knew her, you can never look at Spongebob without thinking fondly of Miss Mila. I added her link to my page for all of you to check out...

Right after the funeral, I took Brett and a couple of his friends to "Chuck E. Cheese" for a birthday celebration. He turned 7 on Friday. Talk about a change of gears!! The boys had fun running around, playing games, eating pizza and of course Cake! Josh kept licking the side of the cake and when it was time to cut the cake, Brett's friends insisted they get the middle piece because they were sure Josh's tounge had not been there....

We came home from Chuck E Cheese and packed the car to head to Snowflake to join Mike's family for a funeral for his Grandmother. On the way up, of course Josh had a liitle too much frosting and threw up the leftovers all over the seat. Luckily, I was driving and Mike had to do the catching...

We finally reached our Destination and spent most of the evening reaquainting ourselves with relatives we have not seen for a very long time.

The next morning, we arrived at the church for the funeral. Of course we had to be there an hour before the service and that is too much down time for a bunch of cousins to be still and quiet. By the time the actual service began my boys and all other boys under the age of 8 were trying to keep themselves busy by playing cars and poking eachother. By the time we had assigned each child to an adult, it was Mike's turn on the program to give a few words about his Grandma. Right about now is the cue for Josh to say, "I go potty, I go potty now" UUHHHGG! So I stood up with him in the back of the church and tried to listen to Mike's comments while I distracted Josh long enough to hold off potty until Daddy was done.

After the service at the church, we headed for the cemetary. As we made our way to the gravesite, my kids sat down on the grass with the rest of the kids. Pretty soon, they were finding rocks to throw rocks down the hole of the gravesite so I had to move them to the back of the crowd. After a short time at the cemetary, we headed back to the church for the luncheon. The kids were all happy to run around together and enjoy eachother, then Josh spilled water all over the table and himself. Most kids would be fine, but Josh needed to change all his clothes...So luckily I had a change of clothes. As I carried him to the car, I stumbled and fell ( most people are not surprised by this) I saved Josh, but my knees got pretty banged up....

After the luncheon, the photographer came to take pictures of all the families, this is when I start panicking. So here we are taking a picture of our family and Grandpa and Brett makes faces and bunny ears at Grandpa.....Why is it my kid???? So of course, we resorted to cash to make sure that we got at least one good picture with Grandpa.

The rest of the weekend we spent with family, playing games, eating and catching up with those we haven't seen in a long time and probably won't see again for a while. We got home around 11:00 pm Monday evening, and had to wake up bright and early to laundry, swimming lessons, a little work and begin my week again.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Josh is 3

Happy B-Day Josh! I can't believe you are 3! You are becomming such a big boy, no longer a baby which is sad for me, but great for you! We celebrated Josh's birthday with the Barney clan, that included 4 other Barney birthdays that happen in June. We got together at Uncle Jared's apartment complex and grilled hamburgers and swam. Josh was the first in the pool and the last one out. Here are some pics...

Brett, Josh, Case, Luke, Shay and Robby (honorary Barney boy) all June B-day's

Josh and Maiya

On Josh's B-day, we went to Chevy's. Josh did not like them singing to him, but he did like the ice-cream.

After Chevy's we came home to have a cake. When I asked Josh what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he replied....CHOCOLATE! Well, I got a Chocolate Power Ranger cake, I think he was happy.

King of the World

The other day, we went to Home Depot. Brett automatically runs towards the tractors and Josh just runs in any direction. After we regrouped, Brett asked if he could sit by the patio equipment. Sure! Well, after 15 minutes of walking around the store, I remembered that Brett was at the patio equipment and I haven't checked on him! So I walked over there and could not see him, so I called out his name. "Mom, I am over here..." He was laying down on a chaise lounge underneath a canopy. As I approached, I received an evil eye from the sales lady that seemed to say, "Where have you been while your child is trying out the patio sofa..."

I sat down calmly next to him and asked him what he was doing. He put down the brochure about the patio collection that he was reading and said.

"Mom, if the world cost $1 I would buy it."
"I think if the world cost $1 a lot of people would want to buy it." I said.
"Well, I would be the first in line. When I buy it, I would be King."
Then he paused and you could see his wheels turn.
"Then all the people in the world would be my servants, except Josh, you and Dad. You guys can be my bodyguards."
"I am pretty sure you would need us" I said.

Well, we got up and left Home Depot with our purchase of work gloves and Brett had left with his plan to rule the world.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Road Trip

This is our first official road trip of the summer. We headed for Carlsbad Ca. to Legoland and the beach. The boys slept pretty much half way there so that was great news for Mom and Dad. When they woke up, it was pretty much DVD's the rest of the way. We watched "Cars" and "Madagascar" and they boys mostly fought about who's pillow was touching who's. For the most part, smoothe sailing....When we reached California, of course we head for the beach, because that is what you do!! After 6 hours in the car, a nice day at the beach is worth it! Josh mostly stuck to building sand castles, while Brett wandered up and down finding sea shells. That is the difference between my two. Josh is content at just playing wherever he is planted and Brett has to have a purpose and mission for everything he does. Mike and I took turns laying on the beach and playing with Josh and trying to keep an eye on Brett, making sure he didn't wander to far out of sight.

After the afternoon at the beach the first drama happened, but it didn't involve the boys it was all Daddy. Can you imagine after a few hours at the beach trying to get back in the car without a lick of sand on anything? Mike was determined to inspect every article of clothing and play equipment before it touched his car. He even got a bucket of fresh water to dip feet and hands in to wash off, the tricky part was after you washed off, you couldn't touch the ground or anything sandy. So we learned that we needed to shut up and do what we were told so no one got hurt....