Thursday, June 21, 2007

Josh is 3

Happy B-Day Josh! I can't believe you are 3! You are becomming such a big boy, no longer a baby which is sad for me, but great for you! We celebrated Josh's birthday with the Barney clan, that included 4 other Barney birthdays that happen in June. We got together at Uncle Jared's apartment complex and grilled hamburgers and swam. Josh was the first in the pool and the last one out. Here are some pics...

Brett, Josh, Case, Luke, Shay and Robby (honorary Barney boy) all June B-day's

Josh and Maiya

On Josh's B-day, we went to Chevy's. Josh did not like them singing to him, but he did like the ice-cream.

After Chevy's we came home to have a cake. When I asked Josh what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he replied....CHOCOLATE! Well, I got a Chocolate Power Ranger cake, I think he was happy.


Spuhlers said...

Happy Birthday Joshy! I miss seeing you in class! Another couple of months and you'll be back. Have a fun summer!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe he is 3!! tell brett i don't care if he is king but i'm already a servant over at my house and i can't take any more on!