Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Road Trip

This is our first official road trip of the summer. We headed for Carlsbad Ca. to Legoland and the beach. The boys slept pretty much half way there so that was great news for Mom and Dad. When they woke up, it was pretty much DVD's the rest of the way. We watched "Cars" and "Madagascar" and they boys mostly fought about who's pillow was touching who's. For the most part, smoothe sailing....When we reached California, of course we head for the beach, because that is what you do!! After 6 hours in the car, a nice day at the beach is worth it! Josh mostly stuck to building sand castles, while Brett wandered up and down finding sea shells. That is the difference between my two. Josh is content at just playing wherever he is planted and Brett has to have a purpose and mission for everything he does. Mike and I took turns laying on the beach and playing with Josh and trying to keep an eye on Brett, making sure he didn't wander to far out of sight.

After the afternoon at the beach the first drama happened, but it didn't involve the boys it was all Daddy. Can you imagine after a few hours at the beach trying to get back in the car without a lick of sand on anything? Mike was determined to inspect every article of clothing and play equipment before it touched his car. He even got a bucket of fresh water to dip feet and hands in to wash off, the tricky part was after you washed off, you couldn't touch the ground or anything sandy. So we learned that we needed to shut up and do what we were told so no one got hurt....

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Lisa said...

ooohhh-beach! so jealous!