Thursday, June 21, 2007

King of the World

The other day, we went to Home Depot. Brett automatically runs towards the tractors and Josh just runs in any direction. After we regrouped, Brett asked if he could sit by the patio equipment. Sure! Well, after 15 minutes of walking around the store, I remembered that Brett was at the patio equipment and I haven't checked on him! So I walked over there and could not see him, so I called out his name. "Mom, I am over here..." He was laying down on a chaise lounge underneath a canopy. As I approached, I received an evil eye from the sales lady that seemed to say, "Where have you been while your child is trying out the patio sofa..."

I sat down calmly next to him and asked him what he was doing. He put down the brochure about the patio collection that he was reading and said.

"Mom, if the world cost $1 I would buy it."
"I think if the world cost $1 a lot of people would want to buy it." I said.
"Well, I would be the first in line. When I buy it, I would be King."
Then he paused and you could see his wheels turn.
"Then all the people in the world would be my servants, except Josh, you and Dad. You guys can be my bodyguards."
"I am pretty sure you would need us" I said.

Well, we got up and left Home Depot with our purchase of work gloves and Brett had left with his plan to rule the world.

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