Tuesday, July 24, 2007


At our hotel, Avalon Grand ( Picture is a little foggy because of the Humidity!)
Wow, our first time in Cancun and it was a blast!! I was actually more worried about the airplane trip than the week stay in Mexico. Luckily, I had packed a bag of tricks that worked great on the first leg to Houston. Once we arrived at Houston, we had a 2 hour layover. Josh spent most of the two hours running up and back on the people movers in the airport. Mike and I took turns running after Josh, while the other kept an eye on the luggage. Finally, we hopped on our plane to Cancun and Josh was out like a light as soon as our flight had taken off and he stayed that way until we landed!

We met Grandpa Barney at the Cancun airport, he had flown in an hour ealier and they had lost his luggage. Turns out his luggage was not found until three days into the trip...yikes! Pretty soon, the whole gang (Mike's sister Lynda and her family came too) and we were off to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel and walked in to the room, Josh exclaimed, " I want to go home now!!" Sorry kid, you are here for a week :)

Once we were all settled we staked out the hotel and did some exploring to get our bearings. If you haven't been to Cancun, it is basically the Las Vegas strip on a gorgeous white sand beach. It is very American, with no need to speak Spanish or change your Dollars to Pesos.. There are restaurants like Chilis, Ruth's Chris, Outback and Bubba Gumps and of course McDonalds and Starbucks. Most of the tourists take advantage of the all-inclusive style, so they can eat at the hotel for their meals. We did not have all inclusive, so we made the bus ride (65 cents) to Walmart about 15 to 20 minutes away in downtown Cancun to stock our kitchen.

The kids enjoyed the pool and the beach of course...that was their favorite thing. They basically swam in the morning, got out to have lunch, then back to the pool and the beach. They were in paradise!

This is our personal beach!! Nice...

Brett "wasting away"

(Infinity pool at the hotel. That is Mike and Josh raising their hand :)

We had an incredible time visiting the Pyramids. Brett and Josh tagged along to Tulum where the Pyramids are on the coast. They enjoyed seeing the big Lizards running around the pyramids...too cool.

Josh and the Lizard posing. Click on the picture so you can see the lizard up close!


Pyramids on the beach!

Lynda and I went to "Chichin Itza" These are the big pyramids in the Yucatan. They won't let you climb the pyramid anymore, because they are campaigning to make it one of the 7 Wonders of the World. That was fine with me ;) Here are a couple of pics.

Chichin Itza

One thousand towers with Chock Mol on top of the pyramid. He was the messanger to the gods (you can see him as the "U" shaped figure in the middle on top of the structure.

This is the Sacred Sinote. This is were they would sacrifice the Virgins to the Gods. This is a fresh water hole that is so cool. You can actually jump off in to the water. You can see these fish that looked like mini sharks swimming around, so I decided not to jump.

Should I Jump???

These are a couple of random pics

Eating at Bubba Gumps

Eating in downtown Cancun - only 2 people got sick from eating the mystery taco sauce....

Ride on the Bus to Walmart...

Visiting the Mayan Resort on the Mayan Riviera...Beautiful

Cab Ride Home!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Brett was showing the family that he had a tooth that was loose one Sunday night. His Uncle Jared who is a dentist wiggled it and said, "Do you want to loose that tooth right now?" Brett kind of looked at him funny, then Grandpa Barney pulled out a dollar and said, "Brett, I will give you a dollar if you let him pull it out right now..." That is all the prodding that Brett needed. He took that dollar and let Uncle Jared do what he needed to do and within a few seconds, Brett pulled out his tooth. Every one clapped and cheered. Uncle Jared told Brett that the tooth fairy gave $20 for the first tooth so Brett immediately put the tooth in a baggie, and went to bed the moment he got home. The tooth fairy came and brought $5. Maybe the tooth fairy only gives $20 if the child's Dad is a Dentist!!