Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Brett was showing the family that he had a tooth that was loose one Sunday night. His Uncle Jared who is a dentist wiggled it and said, "Do you want to loose that tooth right now?" Brett kind of looked at him funny, then Grandpa Barney pulled out a dollar and said, "Brett, I will give you a dollar if you let him pull it out right now..." That is all the prodding that Brett needed. He took that dollar and let Uncle Jared do what he needed to do and within a few seconds, Brett pulled out his tooth. Every one clapped and cheered. Uncle Jared told Brett that the tooth fairy gave $20 for the first tooth so Brett immediately put the tooth in a baggie, and went to bed the moment he got home. The tooth fairy came and brought $5. Maybe the tooth fairy only gives $20 if the child's Dad is a Dentist!!

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