Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

If this reminds you of a Hannah Montana song, then I feel sorry for you. I just finished the School Talent show at Brett's school and there were at least 15 acts that tried out and "Sang" Hannah Montana songs. I felt like I was back in my bedroom, playing with my neighborhood friends as these girls played dress up and danced around the stage. I have to admit that I have heard of the song "Best of Both Worlds" but did not know how many songs that all these girls know and have memorized!! Well, I did have to weed out some of these choice acts...some girls were in more than one dance number. We ended up with 9 which was a little better. For the next couple of weeks, I could not get these songs out of my head. I am used to humming the tune of the latest Power Ranger theme, maybe it is just as bad... The Talent Show lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes. We had two showings, one for the school and one for the parents. I was so glad to get that project behind me and on to the next...All School Picture Day. I will be practicing my herding skills for this one :)

Here is Brett playing for his Quick Exit to stage right!

Love the Header??

With all the talk about the Movie and New Books coming seems fitting! All the Jacob fans, please don't be offended, but it's all about Edward!! Thanks Shay for the link!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Dentist Trip

We switched dentists about 6 months ago. This was the first trip to the dentist for both boys at the same time. Brett loves the dentist, so I was sure a new dentist wouldn't trip him up....he was excited. Josh, on the other hand, was happy just to be along for the ride. As the hygenist called them both in, they marched in and I stayed in the waiting room. About 1 minute later, Josh came right back out and said, "It's Brett's turn." The hygenist quickly trailed behind him with a dejected look on her face. He didn't even get close to the chair!

I picked him up and talked to him for a moment. I assured him that the dentist was just going to look in his mouth. After a long talk, we got him back into the room. The hygenist talked to him for a while, but he still wouldn't get into the chair. They tried a different hygenist and she finally convinced him to get into the chair. They lowered the chair and turned on the light and they asked him to open his mouth and nothing...He wasn't going to open his mouth. They tried to trick and bribe him, but he didn't crack a smile.

So I had him back into my arms and they asked me to brush his teeth. So, he let me do that part. After he warmed up a bit, the applied some foamy floride treatment to his teeth, while I was holding him on my hip. The doctor finally came in and tried to look at his mouth. Of course, Josh would not open it for him either. He finally got it open and then Josh bit him as hard as he could! The doctor looked at me and said, Well, looks like he doesn't have any cavaties! I was not sure how he could tell, but I guess that is why he gets the big bucks...

We finally left with new toothbrushes, stickers and prizes and are looking forward to doing it again in 6 months! Oh yeah, Brett loved every minute of it and didn't have any cavaties either.