Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

If this reminds you of a Hannah Montana song, then I feel sorry for you. I just finished the School Talent show at Brett's school and there were at least 15 acts that tried out and "Sang" Hannah Montana songs. I felt like I was back in my bedroom, playing with my neighborhood friends as these girls played dress up and danced around the stage. I have to admit that I have heard of the song "Best of Both Worlds" but did not know how many songs that all these girls know and have memorized!! Well, I did have to weed out some of these choice acts...some girls were in more than one dance number. We ended up with 9 which was a little better. For the next couple of weeks, I could not get these songs out of my head. I am used to humming the tune of the latest Power Ranger theme, maybe it is just as bad... The Talent Show lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes. We had two showings, one for the school and one for the parents. I was so glad to get that project behind me and on to the next...All School Picture Day. I will be practicing my herding skills for this one :)

Here is Brett playing for his Quick Exit to stage right!


Case said...

Love the Napoleon Dynamite run off the stage. Good job Brett!

Anonymous said...

Cool Brett!! I think you play the piano awesome!! Great Job. Aunt Lynda

Lisa said...

too funny. that hannah girl is everywhere. it's either her or high school musical!