Friday, August 24, 2007

Have a Good Day

I have a daily habit/obsession. I read the newspaper everyday. If I don't, my day doesn't seem to be organized. I also read the obituaries and usually call people when someone they know has died. I figure since I read the whole paper, I might as well read the obituaries too, right?? Well, today I saw the obituary for a friend I had in Jr High and High School. She wasn't a close friend, but a friend that I have fond memories of. Of course, I called my friend Toni to share the news. We both agreed it hits too close to home.

So I realized that today has to be a good day, and tomorrow has to be a good day and all the rest of our days need to be enjoyed. So today I enjoyed being with my kids, playing Mario Party on Game Cube, rollerskating and playing cars. I even enjoyed Spongebob, which I usually tune out. Here is a quote from Sandy the Squirrel, that I found was strangely appropriate for today. "Sometimes it is time to hang up your hang-glider and just watch the sky." Who knew Spongebob could teach me a lesson.

Oh My ....

All kids say funny things, some kids say naughty things. Josh says funny and naughty things. His favorite thing to say right now is "Oh My Crap." The first few times I thought it was cute, and realized that I probably say "Crap" to often and I need to watch myself more closely. I thought it would only last a couple of weeks if I didn't give him any positive reinforcement. When I realized that he hasn't moved on to another phrase, I try to replace this one with another, more acceptable phrase like "Oh my goodness gracious" (a little long) "Oh my gosh" which is a little too boring for him. The funny/naughty thing is that he says it CONSTANTLY. For example, I say, "Josh, Rachel is coming over to play!" His response is "Oh my Crap!" Even, "We are going to McDonald's" again, his response is "Oh my Crap!" So I apologize to Kristen, who is his preschool teacher...I have tried to fix this issue all summer long and it has not resolved itself. I have to admit that I haven't shown myself to the Nursery leader in church, I don't even want to hear how he has corrupted an innocent child. Oh My Crap...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friends Win

This is a brand new social network that is launching in September. They are allowing preregistration right now. It is free to sign up, check it out...

They started signing up people on Aug 3rd, as of today Aug 11, there are over 1000 members. It has a great comission structure for all of you that have a great blog following!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last Vacation Shots

We went up to the White Mountains to the cabin. Here are some shots at Heber overlooking the Mogollon Rim...Arizona is beautiful!!

Swimming in our pool...

Josh riding the himself in Grandma's backyard.

Vacation Over

Today is the first day of school and I was a little nervous for Brett to go to school. Don't know why, I thought I would be celebrating with lunch and errands. But, as I watched him walk to the neigbors for the carpool ride, I flashed back to my first day of second grade.

I remember wearing a dress, and I was in tears. I did not want to go. I was sick to my stomach and scared to death. I remember begging my Dad to let me stay home. I was sure that tears would work for my Dad and I would be able to never go to school again. I remember him talking to me trying to convince me to go. I think he must of made some sort of deal, because my next memory is of me saying "ok" and getting into his car to take me to school.

Brett was so willing to go to school today, to meet his friends from last year. He asked me if I could take off his necklace that he was wearing. I told him that it was okay if he wore it, but make sure that he did not play with it. He said, " Mom, I better find out what the classroom rules are before I wear it to school."

I am glad we didn't have drama this morning...we're lucky ;0

Brett 2nd Grade
(Okay, I only had one shot at this photo before he was running down the street to catch his ride)