Sunday, June 22, 2008


All kids are stubborn at some point, some more than others. Sometimes when you are tired and want to give in, they can sense it and they dig their heels in and become just a little more stubborn until they get what they want. This is a story of course about easy one.

I think Josh has been pretty pleasant as little boys go. I admit I could be blinded by the "baby of the family" phenomenon that magically excuses all his mischievous actions as cute and innocent. But this is not so cute although it might be innocent. Josh still has a tendency to wet the bed at night. Great, a lot of kids do at his age, I realize this is a common problem. The issue is that Josh wants to be grown up so bad that he refuses to wear training pants at night. This has been a battle for what seems like a year now.

We used to wait until he went to sleep to put the Pull-ups on. He would wake up in the middle of the night and cry that they were on. I would wait until he fell asleep and put them on again, and that would take us till morning. He then moved into a phase were he would wake up in the middle of the night, quietly remove the pull-up and change into underwear and not let us know he had changed. We would wake up and find him with wet sheets.

Next phase, we (meaning me, Mike mostly sleeps during the night of course, why wouldn't he, it is night time - duh -) decided to wake him up during the night to use the bathroom. This seemed to solve the problem, but my problem was that I wanted to sleep through the night too, just like my hubby :). So here we are again, Josh still can't make it through the night every night, so we went back to the training pants. Here lies the problem, Josh refuses to wear pull-ups. I did find these cool boxers that look like big boy pants, but are to be worn at night. I brought them home and told Josh if he wore them the whole night he would get a toy.

He seemed excited about the toy and tried on the boxers. As he was stepping in to them, he said, "Hey, there is a diaper in there!!" My reaction of course was to deny, deny, deny and convince him that his brother will wear them too so they could be twins..Brett relented and wore them until Josh fell asleep.

The next morning, he asked for his toy and had no complaints. The next night as I got the boxers out to put them on again, he refused. "I don't want those anymore!" he said. I told him if he didn't wear them, he could not swim the next day. He loves to swim...The next morning, after I cleaned his sheets, he changed into his swim suit and asked to go swimming. I held my ground and told him No! No training pants, No swimming! He asked, "Can I go swimming tomorrow for Brett's birthday?" I told him he could, because we were having a party for Brett. He then said, "Good, lets start the party today!" Good try Josh, but again, No! That night, he did wear his training pants.

So far, we have had two nights that he has successfully worn his pants and I have not had to clean his sheets. Also, I have received a fairly good nights sleep...So we are all happy. This has been a year in the making and I'm crossing my fingers that it lasts for at least a week!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh turns 4 years old today! He had his first "Friend" birthday on Saturday which he loved. His friends from the neighborhood came over to play games and decorate cupcakes. When he woke up today, he couldn't figure out why everyone was wishing him a Happy Birthday. He had already had his party! But, as soon as he got to open presents, he didn't complain anymore.

We enjoy Josh so much, he is such a fun kid. As a baby he was sooo good and sweet, he just hung out and watched his big brother play. We couldn't believe that babies could be so good! He got alot of attention as a baby, because of his rolls (30 lbs at 1 year old)-- we quickly realized that not many people can resist a chubby baby. He still thinks the world revolves around him, and we are trying to ween him from that, but is hard when you are the baby of the family!

Josh is good natured and doesn't like anyone to feel bad. He quickly kisses you or gives you a hug when you feel sad. When his brother is in trouble, he comes to his rescue and tells me that it is "Not Brett's fault." He wants everyone to be happy and get along. We are lucky and blessed to have him as a part of our family, even though he keeps me occupied 24/7.

Sorry in advance for the gratuitous nudity :)

Friday, June 06, 2008


I rarely do tags. But, my cute cousin tagged me and I can't say "no" to her! This is for you Margo :)

1. 4 places that I have lived.
Mesa, Az.
Provo, Ut.
Mesa, Az.
Mesa, Az.

I could put the crossroads to make it more interesting, but you get the idea..

2. 4 Shows I watch.
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Noggin - For preschoolers and their Moms who have no control over the remote.

3. 4 jobs I have had in my life.
Movie Concessions - Free popcorn, soda and nachos - good college gig
Store Manager
Mom - My Favorite :)

4. 4 places I have been
Panama city, Panama
New York
Pima, AZ

5. 4 Blogs I read ( I will say websites I visit)

6. 4 of my favorite foods
Tia Rosa's Shrimp Taco
Chili Rellano from Matta'a
Miso Salad - CPK
Anything my Mom cooks

7. 4 places I'd rather be.
Any 5 star resort will be good
Utah - to visit my sister

8. 4 things I look forward to next year.
Turning 40 - not
Josh learning his alphabet
Going to Italy if I can drag Mike there...
Getting a new car - pretty sure it's on this years list too.

9. 4 things I like doing in my spare time
Shopping for me :)
Play Star Wars Leggos (The Complete Saga) on Wii
Scrapbook all my pictures!
If I find extra time, I volunteer to be Pres of the PTA..what am I thinking??

10. Favorite things to do with Friends/ family
Go to the movies
Go to the dbacks game
Go on vacation
And can I also have this without any poking, crying or whining?? That would be the best

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Here is a picture of my two cute boys dressed up in Sunday clothes. They look so handsome and grown up. I have to tell you about Josh's little outfit. I got it on sale at Macy's for $13.44! What a deal..Tie,shirt,vest and pants. He was excited to wear it, so I made sure I took some pics that day.

Today was Fast Sunday, and our church doesn't start until 1:30. Long Day :) I got up early and made blueberry muffins for the kids. I was pretty proud of myself, becuase it is usally cereal on Fast Sundays. Anyway, they didn't eat all of them and I quickly put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the cupboard. Well, as we sat down in church, Brett opened his book-bag and I saw that he snuck in the muffin bag. I looked at him and couldn't believe he did it. He said, Mom..I was hungry we didn't have lunch! I forgot that I had to feed my kids lunch that day..I was trying to avoid the kitchen. When Josh saw them, forget it, it was a fight for the muffins. I couldn't take them away from them, because my poor kids were starving. So I let them eat the muffins. Well, sacrament time came and all was quiet. Brett had finished his alloted muffins and was eyeing Josh's stash. Of course, he went to grab one of Josh's and Josh started screaming during the sacrament prayer, "Give me back my Muffin!" He kept on saying it until I was able to pry the goods out of Brett's hands.

After church, everyone wanted to know if Josh got his muffin. Seriously. Next Fast Sunday, I will make sure those kids are "full as ticks" as Grandpa Ballard says, before we head off to church.