Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh turns 4 years old today! He had his first "Friend" birthday on Saturday which he loved. His friends from the neighborhood came over to play games and decorate cupcakes. When he woke up today, he couldn't figure out why everyone was wishing him a Happy Birthday. He had already had his party! But, as soon as he got to open presents, he didn't complain anymore.

We enjoy Josh so much, he is such a fun kid. As a baby he was sooo good and sweet, he just hung out and watched his big brother play. We couldn't believe that babies could be so good! He got alot of attention as a baby, because of his rolls (30 lbs at 1 year old)-- we quickly realized that not many people can resist a chubby baby. He still thinks the world revolves around him, and we are trying to ween him from that, but is hard when you are the baby of the family!

Josh is good natured and doesn't like anyone to feel bad. He quickly kisses you or gives you a hug when you feel sad. When his brother is in trouble, he comes to his rescue and tells me that it is "Not Brett's fault." He wants everyone to be happy and get along. We are lucky and blessed to have him as a part of our family, even though he keeps me occupied 24/7.

Sorry in advance for the gratuitous nudity :)


Anonymous said...

SOOOO CUTE Joshy!! Happy Birthday! I forgot what a little chubber he was until you see the pic's! :-) We love you Joshy even if you are starting to look and act more and more like Brett everyday! j/k. Love, Auntie L

Spuhlers said...

Where did all that chubba go? I remember holding him when he was so pillowish, so dang fun to cuddle. Happy Birthday Josh. you are such a fun little guy.

Lisa said...

i remember that chubby baby. he is such a honey! hey--at least he hasn't locked you out of the house! ha ha