Friday, June 06, 2008


I rarely do tags. But, my cute cousin tagged me and I can't say "no" to her! This is for you Margo :)

1. 4 places that I have lived.
Mesa, Az.
Provo, Ut.
Mesa, Az.
Mesa, Az.

I could put the crossroads to make it more interesting, but you get the idea..

2. 4 Shows I watch.
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Noggin - For preschoolers and their Moms who have no control over the remote.

3. 4 jobs I have had in my life.
Movie Concessions - Free popcorn, soda and nachos - good college gig
Store Manager
Mom - My Favorite :)

4. 4 places I have been
Panama city, Panama
New York
Pima, AZ

5. 4 Blogs I read ( I will say websites I visit)

6. 4 of my favorite foods
Tia Rosa's Shrimp Taco
Chili Rellano from Matta'a
Miso Salad - CPK
Anything my Mom cooks

7. 4 places I'd rather be.
Any 5 star resort will be good
Utah - to visit my sister

8. 4 things I look forward to next year.
Turning 40 - not
Josh learning his alphabet
Going to Italy if I can drag Mike there...
Getting a new car - pretty sure it's on this years list too.

9. 4 things I like doing in my spare time
Shopping for me :)
Play Star Wars Leggos (The Complete Saga) on Wii
Scrapbook all my pictures!
If I find extra time, I volunteer to be Pres of the PTA..what am I thinking??

10. Favorite things to do with Friends/ family
Go to the movies
Go to the dbacks game
Go on vacation
And can I also have this without any poking, crying or whining?? That would be the best


Margo said...

I love that on the places you visit you have all these cool places....then Pima. I hear debbie downer music from SNL when I read that. :)

Margo said...

Hey you, can I get Karen's address? You can send it to my email( or post it on my blog. Also do you have an email address for her, Cynthia, and your mom? thanks a ton!!! Hope you are doing great!

The Reed Family said...

I haven't been a very good blogger lately, so I just barely read the story about the flip flop...that is so funny! Thanks for having CArter over the party, he was so excited about it! I am going to be so sad to move, primarily for Carter's sake! HE is going to miss Josh...we will definitely have to get them together when we visit at CHristmas and in the summer. Can you tell I am starting to feel really sad about leaving? I actually started crying SUnday when I saw the Taylor's leaving church because they are going to Utah for two months, and will probably be living in their new house when I move back. It just made me realize how everything will be different! We really will miss you guys! Thanks for being a good friend and having a cute son to be Carter's buddy. He will miss Joshy a lot! I have to stop now because I am starting to cry again. LEt's get them together soon, maybe Joshy can come play tomorrow! I'll call you

Lisa said...

pima? are you nuts? we should plan a trip to pinetop together!! you can go to pima by yourself! LOL

Mela said...

Hey, what's wrong with Pima!? :0) Lots of good people come from Pima, I am sure your mom will tell you. I don't like the looks on John's face (DOOL), it is getting on my nerves. I am glad Nicole is back, I love her character, I think she is funny.

Hey, can you get me Cynthia's email address too (when did she move to Utah)? I think I have Karen's already.