Sunday, April 11, 2010


For Spring Break I took a little trip to NYC for 6 days. It was pretty much a dream since I was sans husband and kids, accompanied by my Sis in Law. I haven't posted about all the fun adventures yet..because I am waiting for some key photos from my travel partner. I decided to change my tactics from friendly reminders to Cyber-bullying. Hopefully my plan works!!

I do have a few pics that I will share now because I came back truly inspired. I've decided to start by taking some summer sewing classes to improve on my rusty skills. I can't wait! I was a Clothing and Textile Major after all. I have been to busy the last 10 years or so suppressing my need to create and try to open that door again.

So one of my stops in NY was Mood Fabrics. Project Runway is always one of my favorite shows and to be there was surreal! As I was searching for it on the street, I passed it 3 times. Finally a door man caught my attention and motioned to me, obviously I am not the only fan that has tried to find this famous fabric store unsuccessfully.

He held up three fingers and motioned for me to come inside. I realized I neglected to look up, because it is located on the 3rd floor. Inside the building was an old fashioned elevator equipped with an operator. It definitely added to the magic of the building.

As I left, I had to say, "Thank You Mood!!" Now if only Tim Gunn were there giving me 30 minutes and $100!

This is a picture of Bryant Park where Fashion Week is held. The Empire State building was lit in Green lights in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.

A poster board with some pictures of Designs from the show with the matching fabric swatches.