Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Convo

Here is a conversation I had with Brett while I was driving him to school.

Me - Oh look! That is the car I want to get, Do you like it?

Brett - No..What kind is it?

Me- It's a Volvo. Edward drives one.

Brett - That's weird.

Me - Ya, I know.

I guess it is also weird that he didn't even flinch and ask, "Edward who?"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dad's Idea of Multitasking

Last Thursday, Brett's school had a half day. Josh still had preschool, so I dropped him off and told Brett that he was going to do some errands with me that afternoon. He wasn't too excited to spend his time off school riding around with his Mom, but I promised him some McDonald's while we made a quick trip to Walmart.

As we ordered our food, Brett was nice enough to fill my soda cup and pick out a spot to sit. I brought the food to the table and he said,

"Are you eating too Mom?"

"Yep," I said, "I haven't had lunch yet either."

He said, "Well last time Dad took me to Walmart, he got me McDonald's than he went shopping while I ate my Chicken Nuggets."

"Excuse Me?"

"Dad told me if anyone came up to me, I should say really loud, "You are NOT my Dad!"

"Don't worry Brett, I am not going to leave you while your eating your nuggets."

Needless to say, I didn't say much. The rest of the meal I was plotting my conversation with "Dad" in my head. Later that night, Mom and Dad had a little chat about that day in WalMart. Dad's defense was that he was trying to get in and out fast and it was easier if Brett was busy eating. Oh Really!

I am pretty sure he was paying attention to my lecture, but just in case you see my children running around stores or eating at restaurants by themselves, CALL ME...Dad is trying to Multitask again!

Monday, April 06, 2009

B-Day Card

I asked Brett to make his Grandma a birthday card. He loves projects, so he usually jumps at the chance to make a home-made card. This is what he came up with.

"Love, Honesty, Respect You Get Reward"

The 5 reasons why I love this Birthday card??

1. It doesn't say Happy Birthday.

2. It doubles as ART.

3. He took out a photo of Josh (no need for one of those) and used the perfectly good picture frame as a bonus gift to Grandma.

4. He wrote in permanent ink on the coins and dollar bill, which he took out of my wallet.

5. Brett made it.

Most of the time, when the kids make things, I hang it on the refrigerator and eventually it goes into the wastebasket. This is framed, so therefore it probably will last a bit longer..I am sure we will remember this Birthday card until next year when he makes a new one.