Monday, April 06, 2009

B-Day Card

I asked Brett to make his Grandma a birthday card. He loves projects, so he usually jumps at the chance to make a home-made card. This is what he came up with.

"Love, Honesty, Respect You Get Reward"

The 5 reasons why I love this Birthday card??

1. It doesn't say Happy Birthday.

2. It doubles as ART.

3. He took out a photo of Josh (no need for one of those) and used the perfectly good picture frame as a bonus gift to Grandma.

4. He wrote in permanent ink on the coins and dollar bill, which he took out of my wallet.

5. Brett made it.

Most of the time, when the kids make things, I hang it on the refrigerator and eventually it goes into the wastebasket. This is framed, so therefore it probably will last a bit longer..I am sure we will remember this Birthday card until next year when he makes a new one.


Crystal said...

What a great card, Bret clearly understands the important things in life!

Michelle Ashton said...

What a creative kid. I love it.

cadi said...

What an Artise! (said with a French accent)...Bravo! That is a fantastic card and I love your reasons why you love it! I agree!

shay said...

Brett is so creative I LOVE IT!! Tell him to make me one for my birthday but find a larger bill to put in it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by blog stalking :> Just had to say that you have a clever child there. That is definitely one for the memories. How cute!