Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Convo

Here is a conversation I had with Brett while I was driving him to school.

Me - Oh look! That is the car I want to get, Do you like it?

Brett - No..What kind is it?

Me- It's a Volvo. Edward drives one.

Brett - That's weird.

Me - Ya, I know.

I guess it is also weird that he didn't even flinch and ask, "Edward who?"


cadi said...

Very Funny! I love you blog it always makes me laugh out loud...aka LOL!

shay said...

Yea Kyle and Case would know EXACTLY who Edward was too. I love it!!

Mela said...

You crack me up! OH, BTW, I drove a Volvo station wagon when I was a nanny. Does that count?

Jessica said...

I love it. Your family is hilarious. We are going to miss you guys so much. At least I can still see your blog and laugh a lot.

Lisa said...

i wanted a volvo before edward had one. just for the record. lol