Thursday, May 07, 2009

Play Ball!

Baseball Season is upon us and it is so much fun. It takes a lot of our time, but we enjoy hanging out and watching Brett play. Josh is still too young to play T-Ball. He is chomping at the bit for sure. Don't worry Josh, it will be your turn soon..then watch out!!

We moved Brett up to Minors this year. I origanlly had decided to give him another year of Machine Pitch. He had only done one year and I thought it was a good move to give him more experience at that level. But when the practices began, we could see he needed more of a challenge. So he was "Drafted" to the Yellow Jackets..

Here he is pitching for the first time. He had been patiently waiting for the Coach to hand him the ball. His first pitch was a Strike! His second pitch, the batter swung and missed the Third pitch...Well, he pitched it so well, the Batter got a Home Run :) Here is a video of Brett's Debut pitching outing.

Brett's Batting Stance

He is such a Stud! You are awesome Brett. I am so proud of how you have stepped up to this challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Good Job BRETT!!!! That was awesome, I glad he's doing good! Lynda