Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Night Out

This post starts off with me enjoying a Diamond Back Game. I am sitting at the Ball Park having a Kosher Dog with mustard and onions. I am enjoying talking with my sister and her husband who are visitng from Utah. My Dad is there too sharing my red vines and asking me to call my Mother to find out why the 1st baseman was hurt. (She knows all things DBacks.) So pretty much a great evening.

Of course the phone rings and it is Mike. He is at Brett's baseball game with Josh. Mike's mother was also there, so I felt better leaving Josh.

Mike: "Josh threw up and there are no paper towels, Mom tried to wash him off as good as she could."

Me: Okay.. I am glad your Mom is there to help out.

Mike: Did you know he was sick?

Me: He had a runny nose...

Mike: I'll call you later.

So I started to review the day in my head, thinking about what could have brought on the upset stomoach.

Morning: Josh slept in, Went to Grandma's to go swimming, had 3 cookies for Breakfast.

Lunch: Costco. He just wanted a Lemonade. I had a yogurt and he shared it with me.

Snack: After school, we had 2 extra kids at our house while they were waiting for their Mom. I fed the kids, but Josh opted to play Wii instead of the snack. I was busy helping Brett with his homework, because I was going to be gone for the evening.

Dinner: Gave Josh a Benedryl because his nose was runny and he was coughing. I also gave him 2 dollars for the Snack bar and dropped him off at the ball field with Mike and Grandma.

So as I reflected, I started feeling bad that I did not feed the child anything except Cookies and Benedryl. Nice. Then I got another phone call. It was Mike again. Josh threw up one last time in the garbage can at the Ball Field. So to all of the Mothers who were watching the poor kid upchuck with no paretnal supervision at Hawthorne ball fields. He's mine. I was off having a nice evening at the DBacks game mixed with a little bit of Mother's Guilt.


Anonymous said...

It's good for Mike, he needs to develop his nurturing skills! :-) I just feel bad Joshy had a hard night. BUT, you deserve a night out without the fam, glad you had a nice time! LP

Mela said...

That was great! :0)

cadi said...

Haven't all us Mom's been there?! I can totally relate!

Lisa said...

there is nothing better than having your child be sick when you aren't there to clean up. lol

Karen said...

Hee Hee, that makes me laugh. I can totally relate, but I hope you had a ball at the game. Billy always cleans up the puke at our house anyways. I can't do it withour upchucking myself.