Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One of Brett's Most Memorable

Everyone who knows Brett has a story. He is one of a kind and he comes up with some crazy things. He also does crazy things that drive me crazy, but to me, he is one of a kind. This is a soon to be classic story.
I was out at the pool, scooping the leaves out when I hear Brett in the house calling for me.

B: "Mom where are you??"
Me: I am out in the pool..
B: "Mom where are you??
Me: Brett, I am outside, what do you need??
B: Long Pause
Me: Brett??
B: Mom, I think I'm Gay
Me: No response
B: Mom, I really think I'm Gay
Me: Okay honey, I'm coming inside
B: Mom, Gay means happy doesn't it?
Me: Yes
B: Oh, then I am for sure gay...
Me: Most of the time, you just say you are happy
Me: Where did you hear this?
B: A friend from school was telling people that they were gay, then I talked to my friend Mack and we decided that we were happy so we must be gay.
Me: Sometimes it is not nice to call people gay, just say that you are happy.
B: I know Mom, it is not nice to say you are gay.... but I am happy.
Me : Okay, I Love you....

Well, if you can't really explain the way you want, I figured telling him I loved him was the best I could do at that moment.


Lisa said...

you're right--classic brett!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to remind him of this story when he starts dating!! Lynda