Friday, October 26, 2007

Not Fast Enough

As I was preparing to walk out the door to do some errands, I told Josh that we were going to the store. I heard him as he headed for the garage and I thought, I better hurry before he opens the garage door. As I gathered my last minute things like my list, a coke and put away the last dish into the dishwasher, I headed towards the garage door.

As I was walking out, Josh came back in to the house and said, "Mom, I started the car for you!" Fear struck, but I knew Josh was safe. When I approached the car, the car was locked with the keys in the ignition. The radio and the air conditioning were on, but the car engine was not running. At that point I did not care if I was locked out of my car, but thankful that nothing was damamged, including Josh!

Now, I put my keys up in the cupboard instead of my purse. All I can do is try to keep one step ahead of Josh, until he catches up...BTW, if you see Josh driving my car around the neighborhood, I have not given him permission to drive. So, please give me a call, I appreciate it :)


The Reed Family said...

Holy cow!!! I could see Carter doing the same thing. If I forget something after starting the car, and have to run back in the house, I have to make sure he is buckled or he might be backing in to the neighbors. These boys!

shay conway said...

I think Santa needs to bring Josh his own car with his own set of keys for Christmas. He is more curious than Curious George, I love it!

Lisa said...

i hope i don't see him up here!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd KILL him!! :-) I can't believe you are able to keep so cool, kudo's to you Nicole! I think Shay said it best. I love you Joshy, but you're CRAZY!!