Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not so great Halloween Pics

Okay, so my pics didn't turn out quite the way Mom's invision ideal Halloween pics, but my boys never stayed still!! Also, Brett is becoming aware that the camera is on him and he turns away as fast as he can. So I have to work within these guidelines to get half decent shots...and that is what I got!

Josh was a Power Ranger and he wore the costume every day for a week, so by the time Halloween came around, the costume had been washed 3 times. Brett was a "Blade Ninja." He had found the costume in the Party City advertisement and had begged me for a week for it. I finally gave in and brought it home for him to surprise him. A few days before Halloween, he went to Grandma Barney's for a Trunk or Treat at the park. He wore his ninja outfit. He hated it...I told him, sorry all sales are final, he'll have to deal with it!!

So, when Oct. 31st came around he refused to put the ninja outfit on and choose instead to wear his Costume from last Halloween, a Clone Trooper from Star Wars. Whatever. So we got dressed and went to the Ward Chili party before we went trick or treating and Josh liked Brett's Star Wars mask, better than his own Power Ranger mask. Lets face it, the novelty of the whole costume thing wears off after you have worn it for a week.

Brett as a Ninja, Josh as a Power Ranger - Doesn't Brett look excited??

Brett, Brandon (neighbor) and Josh with the Star Wars Mask

At the beginning of the day, Mike decided to fix the Boy's broken Toilet. Well he fixed it by getting a new toilet!! He also decided to use it as a prop for Halloween and filled the candy bowl, and put it in the toilet for the kids to get there candy out of...I told him, he was going to pass out candy because I couldn't make the kids do that!! Here is a picture of the toilet...Brett decorated it with Spray Paint and a Sharpie :)

Well, here is a cute picture of the Boys I took while we were picking out a Pumpkin. I guess one out of 15 pictures is pretty good for us...Oh BTW, when Halloween was over, we took a sledge hammer to the toilet and found a car stuck in the toilet, it was a pretty good size toy car I was surprised he could flush it! I was hoping it would be my missing camera, the mystery lives on...

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The Reed Family said...

Haha kids are so funny! I miss primary too! I peaked in on the sacrament meeting practice on Sunday! I love those little kids! What I am really excited for is Josh and Carter as sunbeams!! I will definitely be peaking in for that!