Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chocolate Cake and Lego Star Wars

These are Josh's two favorite things right now. Basically, these are my two secret weapons that I use when I have lost all control. The other day, I told him that he could not play his favorite Gamecube game (Star Wars Lego addition) for some reason (I have already forgotten :)..Anyway, he was fearful that he would loose his favorite game, so he went into the bedroom and retrieved the game disc and decided to hide it. Well, lucky for me I saw where he hid it. I have to admit, I hadn't thought of this place yet...It was under the Oven. Good one Josh, I am sure if I hadn't seen you shove it under the appliance I am pretty sure it would have been lost forever!! As I lay on the kitchen floor trying to retrieve it with a wooden spoon, I thought...maybe he hid my camera under here too... No luck, just the Gamecube disc.

Last Sunday we had dinner over at Grandma's house. For dessert she had chocolate cake...After we sat down for dessert, Josh put his arm around my neck and said "Mom, you are my best friend!" He kissed me on my cheek and my heart melted. My perfect little boy, right?? Oh yeah, I forgot he had a big slice of chocolate cake in front of him.

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mcr2811 said...

hey. you don't know me but I have found you randomly on blogspot.

Just wanted to say hi. I live in boston, england. You?