Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Suns Game

I never take a camera to the Suns game, and when I am there I always think...why did I not take my camera?? We had a great time as usual..The Suns won and it is always a good "people watching" activity.

I took a picture of Raja Bell, he is injured and on the side lines. I waited for him to turn around, when he did, he noticed I had the camera square on him, I still took the picture. I was feeling very "paparazi-ish", but smiled after I took the picture and gave him a "thumbs-up." I am such a Dork, but I can't resist taking a picture of a famous person, he looked very handsome in his suit BTW!

Double click on the picture to enlarge it...They aren't the best pictures because my camera is a dinosaur...HaHa...Maybe for Christmas, If I am good, Josh can get me a new one since he "lost" mine...

--A side note to any "The Bachelor" fans. We have a Phoenix Suns dancer who made it to the final two. She was there, but I didn't get a picture because she was always on the other side of the arena. Anyway, the Suns Doctor who sits in front of us told us that she is "Mum" on the subject, but she gets alot of attention from fans of the show. The cameraman likes her to, because anytime they were dancing on center court she was always featured...--

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Lisa said...

as usual when people talk sports or reality shows i am completely out of the loop! you and mike look great!