Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Heroes

My boys are big Power Ranger fans, so when we learned they were making a live appearance, we could not miss it. We arrived at the Az Mills Mall and lined up to get our picture taken with them. Brett and Josh were very excited and they couldn't wait to meet them. They finally made it up to the front of the line and they exchanged "high fives" and "ninja moves" and we snapped some pictures.

I wonder if Brett will remember this day...He has watched the power rangers for about 4 years and knows all about them. I think he will look back and remember fondly how cool he felt to meet these heroes. I look at it and see that there are two men, who have to put on this costume, which most men would never try on, even in a dare. They get to do silly poses and they can not talk to the little kids.

But in the end, I gave the rangers a thumbs up and thanked Heaven that someone created these characters and the movies have given me many moments of peace and sanity. Thanks Power Rangers!

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Spuhlers said...

You are a fun mom, Nicole! Maybe we could get Mike and Dave to dress up like them one year for Halloween! That would definately be a picture to blog! :)