Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day Notes

I love Mother's Day. I enjoy getting extra hugs from my kids, my husband making me breakfast and peace and quiet. Well then I woke up and it was Sunday. Josh got up first and that meant I was up as soon as he was yelling for me. He had wet the bed and was changing when I came in to his room. I said, "Oh no Josh, you pee-d the bed." He said, "No Mommy, pee is yellow the bed is blue. I did not pee the bed." Okay, so his sheets are blue and he is right, it looks like blue water. So there must be some other explanation. Good try Josh. Josh is desperate to not wear pull-ups at night and any time he wets the bed, which is usually around once a week, he desperately tries to hide it. After he got changed, he gave me a hug and said, "My love you Mommy, you stink pretty!"

Brett got up next and he told me that he did not have a present for me. I told him that I don't need a present, I just need a hug from him. He explained that his teacher did not hand out the Mother's Day presents on Friday, so he was going to have to draw me a picture. I can go for that.

We all had to go wake up the last member of the family to try to coax him into making breakfast for us. He finally wandered into the kitchen and made cinnamon rolls which were great. Although he left the sink full of dirty dishes. I did ignore them as long as possible. By lunch, they were still there. I did not give him any hints, I just never did the dishes. Right before church, he finally figured out that I wasn't going to do the dishes that day, so he did clean up before we left. Thanks Mike!

After church Mike finally gave me a present. It was a GPS that I had given him for his birthday. We had talked about it and he could not understand what would posses me to give him a GPS. He insists he never gets lost. Well, what about when we go out of town?? That is what I have you for honey, he told me, you always have the map and tell me where to go. So True...

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