Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's that smell??

I am sure this happens to everyone. You smell something funny and you try to follow the scent and hopefully find what it is and spray Lysol on it! Well, I smelled a faint burning smell the other day. I had used the stove recently, so I assumed it was kind of left over from that. Well, after a while I still smelled it. So I went searching. As I was searching the kitchen, I ruled out the candle, stove and microwave. Then I noticed a wisp of smoke coming from the kitchen light above the table. I stood on the chair and reached in (not usually a good idea) and pulled out a burning flip flop. Hmmm. It was Josh's flip flop so I went after him, then Brett fessed up that he "Accidentally" threw Josh's shoe and it landed in the light. Good shot Brett, but next time let me know asap!


Lisa said...

nothing like not panicking when you smell something burning!

Margo said...

Hey you! It is so fun finding people on here! Jen called me three times in a row while I was at wal-mart arguing about the price of a prescription with a lady (I won!). So I finally answer the phone and am like I will call you back! All she needed to know was my blog address for you. What a dork. I love your blog. The pics of Cynthia's baby are so cute. So everyone has been telling me to read Twilight...I guess I am going to have to now. Are they really that good?

Mela said...

Hey! Glad to hear from you!! Love the flip flop story! And Cynthia's baby is a cutie!

Oh, I love the Twilight books too! can't wait for the movie to come out in December!

I will put you on my links on my blog!

Spuhlers said...

I am loving all the stories of your boys! They do not stop! I love it, too funny-- at least for all of us reading it is, ha ha! gotta love em!